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I'm going to drive people mad! I've sent this to my whole email address book. I'm posting it here in case others want an easy way to do the same:

Subject: Grants for for Charities - help us win the competition

JPMorgan Chase has given more than $100 million to nonprofit organizations every year for the past five years, focusing on community development, education, and arts and culture. The bank strives to be a catalyst to meaningful, positive, and sustainable change within high-need neighborhoods and communities across the globe. It also supports employee efforts through matching gift and volunteer programs.

Ten Reasons why you should support the WPI on Chase Community Giving:
1 The WPI is the ONLY institute in the world who is dedicated to looking for a cure for neuro-immune diseases such as ME, MS, Autism, fibromyalgia and Gulf War Syndrome. 2 The WPI is the ONLY laboratory in the world who isolated the third human retrovirus, XMRV, in patients with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis 3 The WPI is the ONLY institute that is researching Gulf War Syndrome to give our forces the treatment and respect they deserve 4 The WPI is the ONLY scientists who are pushing Governments for more research and more funding for neuroimmune disease TODAY 5 The WPI is the ONLY team who are making breakthroughs in preventing and treating Lymphoma, Prostate Cancer and Human Herpes Viruses implicated in some forms of cancer 6 The WPI are independent, they are free to follow the most promising lines of enquiry, even if that goes against the current thinking. 7 The WPI need our support to finish their work. Vested interests are strangling public funding for them. 8 The WPI have already built a new, state of the art research lab and clinic, they are ready to do ground breaking translational research into neuro-immune disease. 9 The WPI need our help so they can help find the cure for millions of people. 10 YOU. Anyone can be struck down with MS, ME or lymphoma. You could be next and find there is little funding for your disease. Change this TODAY and donate to the Whittemore Peterson Institute.
With five minutes of your time on facebook, you can give the Whittemore Peterson Institute a chance of winning $500,000! Why?

If you are not a facebook user, this is how to set up an anonymous account
1) Create a new free email account to use with facebook so there is no chance of compromising your existing email account.

2) Create a Facebook page. You need a first name and a last name, but it does not have to be your real first and last name. If Facebook requires info you don't want to give, just make up a fictional answer. Just make sure you give a working email address, because they will verify that.

Then all you need to do is go on facebook and,
1. Like Chase Community Giving here

2. Go here and vote for the Whittemore Peterson Institute: or search via the Chase search engine

If you are on a mac, Safari hates facebook apps (it has taste) but Firefox works, if you enable third party cookies. Facebook apps is all I use Firefox for.

Thanks for reading this, now, please, would you share with you friends, and then log on to facebook using the Chase link above. Thank you so much xxxx Jace xxxx

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