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CFSAC Reminder!

Posted by Karen Mascuch Ravitz on 16 April

The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Advisory Committee will meet on May 10th and 11:

The last day to submit your written testimony or request an in-person testimony is MONDAY, the 18th. You do not need to be a US citizen to participate!

Speak Up About ME inspired tees and buttons are selling; please dont be left out!

Here are the links, below:

For Adult CFSAC Participants or anyone who wishes to support the cause:

One sided Tee shirt:

Two sided Tee shirt with retrovirus message on the back:

NEW!!! Button inspired by Pat Feros NIH Testimony:
Im worth more than $3.64!

$150 Million for ME/CFS Research Now button:

Please note that there are many tee shirt options available (mens, womans, fitted, loose, short sleeve, long sleeve, etc). For 10% your entire order, use discount code (good through 6/30): 10ZAZZLE2011

PANDORAs Lobby Day Event Page:

Speak Up About ME Young Peoples effort initiated by Denise Lopez-Majano and other advocates.

Thank You!
The MCWPA Team :balloons:


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