Show 'em Your Mad, Fax the Ad! (Free! Easy! Fax from your computer FREE!) MCWPA

by Tina Marie Miller Tidmore on 31 January 2011 ( The ME/CFS Worldwide Patient Alliance - MCWPA)

New Congressmen have settled into office, but they do not realize there is a health threat that deserves more government funding. So let's tell them. The previous fax campaign was successful in getting some response from the Congressional aids. So, we're asking you to fax a copy of the ad to your Congressmen, both new and returning.For more details of the Fax em Campaign, please visit the following site:

We ask you fax each of your Congressmen at least once before the end of business day Friday, February 4, 2011.

Patients have told us they want more future actions, including a press release through a news wire of the next big study showing biological findings and a public service announcement. In order to do these actions and get more news media coverage, MCWPA needs more funding, about $10,000 more than what we have now. By making a donation of a certain amount now, you can have a piece of ME/CFS history and provide the funds for the future actions that will keep ME/CFS in the news. Go here to see the details:

Show 'em your mad, Fax the ad! MCWPA Team


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