Rar! (my health update)

If you've followed my saga of going through a million exams lately and blood tests - I did finally get somewhere - a diagnosis of, "it's probably fibromyalgia or related illness."

I also have early heart disease and prediabetes.

So that's where I'm at, but figured I would give you all an update. :D I did talk to a hosptial tech about -- what's the point of knowing you have early heart disease - most people have problems like that and prediabetes, so what? It might never kill you, why know?

Well, I do like to know. I think it gives me a bit of a heads up for rough water ahead. What do you think? If you have an early form of a disease or potential of having xyz -- do you want to know or would you rather ignore it until it's actually a situation?


Well, @Runner5 Nothing is set in stone. So "early heart disease" doesn't always have to mean that will progress to "late stage heart disease". Yes I think I'd rather know the early warning alert. Because there are many lifestyle/nutritional etc changes one can make, which can dramatically slow down disease progression or in some cases maybe reverse it?
My mother was diagnosed with a heart murmur when she was about 20. She went on to live a full life and died at 89. She kind of forgot about the heart murmur! lol

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