Pre-Lyme Treatment (Week 2 Day 6)

I had a couple more bedbound zombie days after the wedding, plus headache issues. I then stopped taking the glucagon completely and the headache's gone and I'm feeling a bit better overall. Able to sit up for an hour or so at a time, versus a couple minutes :p

I even got ambitious while my fiance went to do the grocery shopping yesterday, and washed the bottom two-thirds of the refrigerator while it was nice and empty :D Some back pain after that, and wiped out for a while. And then had trouble getting to sleep due to oxygen saturation dipping when I went to bed - I think staying up too late (or upright too late) can trigger that. I shouldn't stay awake or sitting up late when I'm struggling to do it.

I'm getting better at injections. Basically pushing the plunger in a bit til it stings, then waiting 30 seconds and pushing some more. And constantly reminding myself to keep my leg relaxed and breathe. It might take 5 minutes to get it all in, but less pain, no liquid oozing back into the syringe, and my latest B12 injection didn't result in any bruising. I do have a huge B12-pink patch on my leg now, but it's slowly fading :cautious:

I usually do get a drop or two of blood coming out, so always put a bandaid/plaster on briefly. But I'm allergic to the glue on those, so I remove it after a few minutes to avoid having a rash for a week.

I'm generally not feeling nauseated after injecting now, possibly due to better injecting and remembering to breathe and relax. But I usually feel wiped out for an hour or so after the 4ME injection - not too surprising since that's about how long the injection area is hot, red, and swollen. That reaction hasn't been getting any worse, at least.


its good to follow your progress V. How are you doing the 4ME injections? are they intra muscular or sub cut? i'm not keen on having to do intra muscular injections. sorry to hear the injecting has been so rough.
@Justy - I do the 4ME sub-cutaneous. But the B12 is intramuscular. I wouldn't say that one or the other is more unpleasant - they both suck :p It has been getting easier lately though. I'm just getting more experienced now, plus less less reaction to the 4ME.

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