Pre-Lyme Treatment (Week 1 Day 7)

Well, I didn't crash after the wedding and related activities! I felt a bit wiped out yesterday, but no more so than my fiance did. His parents came over to get some help with computer stuff, and his mom cleaned our neglected bathrooms and even folded my Eternal Floor Pile of Clean Laundry. She's awesome :woot:

I checked my heart rate and pulse pressure before the guys went to get some beer and do the shopping for dinner, and everything was doing great, so I went with them on my scootmobile. No problems during or after that.

The only problem I had yesterday was mild nausea for most of the day, which started a bit after doing my 4ME injection. But still, the nausea is worth it if the rest of me is doing well enough to go do stuff :D I also still get a big hot red swollen circle around my 4ME injection site, but that goes away within an hour and doesn't hurt or anything. Basically I do my subcutaneous 4ME injections on my left thigh (which is the side I have to lay down on if I want to be able to breathe) since the effects of the injection wear off quickly, and the B12 intramuscular injections on my right thigh, since that leaves a mildly painful bruise for several days. I don't want pain from those keeping me awake!

I've also had a couple of those brief "healthy" feelings the past couple days. Not like I'm back to normal, but like I'm sometimes much closer to normal than I was a week ago, or even in the past year or two. My fiance has commented repeatedly that I'm in much better shape cognitively than I was a week ago, especially in the evenings when I had a tendency to be in exhausted zombie mode.

The rest of my needles (filtered ones for drawing the liquid from glass ampules) were ready to be picked up at the pharmacy today, so my fiance got those and I now have about 100 of both types of needles and the syringe reservoirs. While he was there, my fiance also ordered the refills for my other prescription meds (B12 injection, creon, VSL#3), since I'm tolerating those quite well and something certainly seems to be helping :thumbsup:
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Are you sensitive/intolerant to tyramine or phenol? I get the same reaction, a round reddish spot of a few cm's in diameter that usually disappears within 2 to 3 hours.
Good to hear you are doing better!

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