Pre-Lyme Treatment (Week 1 Day 5)

I did another B12 and 4ME injection yesterday, though it went a little rougher. I did them both all by myself, and I think I forget to breathe while doing it, and got pretty light-headed. But I managed, and as my fiance suggested, I should listen to the advice of the band "Bush" and "Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out" while injecting :p

I also had a lot of stuff ooze back out, and the fiance had more advice for that - leave the needle in for 10 seconds after getting all the liquid injected, and pull it out quickly so the hole closes up before the fluid can follow it all the way back out. I tried all of the above today with my daily 4ME injection, and didn't get light-headed or have any of it ooze out, just a couple little drops of blood.

We went to a wedding yesterday, which was a pretty major undertaking. Packing, an hour drive, half an hour to rest at the hotel, then taking my scootmobile for a short walk to the city center. I rested as much as possible, kept my feet up as possible, and took a big (normal) dose of yohimbe. The ceremony was pretty short, less than half an hour I think - and timed to correspond with the value of "Pi" as closely as possible :rolleyes: I didn't stand up at the two points that everyone else did, but it was a fairly small group (50-60?) and most of them knew I was sick, and the bride and groom were just happy I was able to attend at all :smug:

Then back to the hotel room for a 15 minute or so rest while my fiance changed into more casual clothes (I was already in jeans and a nice shirt), then a 10 minute drive to the countryside and a beautiful old farmhouse which was very modern and comfortable on the inside of the buildings. I was able to scoot around and chat with people, and the staff got me a glass of apple juice since I couldn't drink the sparkling wine or sparkling apple juice.

It was a beautiful day, but with a cold wind, so my fiance got me a blanket from the car, which helped a lot, and eventually the staff lit the fire outside which felt great. I sat around outside for about 3 hours, then we went in for dinner. We were among the last in, so the only seats left were at the back, which was a bit of a pain since it meant walking further. But I had an empty seat next to me, and was able to put my feet up when I hit the wall after the appetizer.

Basically my oxygen saturation was 95%, dipping to 93%, and my heart rate was 110. Fortunately that stabilized after sitting with my feet up for a while, down to about 100 heart rate, which was more bearable. Anyhow, I survived dinner, which was delicious, almost entirely gluten free, egg free, and dairy free, and then headed home. The bride and groom knew I'd be going back to the hotel early, so the bride ate the main course at our table, and the groom came over for desert as well (some space opened up due to our table-mates having a bloody battle in the woods to attend), so we were all able to chat a lot before I had to go.

So my fiance drove me to the hotel at 9pm, after making vague plans to meet up with the bride and groom the following day, since we don't get out to see each other often. Then the fiance took a taxi back to the party so that he could imbibe freely and take a taxi back to the hotel at 1am. I had trouble sleeping due to elevated heart rate, so took a small dose of yohimbe shortly before he got back. So I didn't get a ton of sleep, but it was still very restful to lay down and sorta doze prior to the yohimbe kicking in.

Instead of being a zombie today, I had no problem spending several hours in the city center with my fiance and the bride and groom. I even checked my heart rate at our lunch at around 1:30pm, and it was at 98-99% saturation with a heart rate of 80 :jaw-drop: I can't believe I was doing so well the day after so much exertion. Heart rate is still doing great currently, though it's still possible a crash will hit later.

So I skipped my probiotics yesterday, since I forgot to bring them, and I've stopped taking the glucaplex at least temporarily since I was starting to feel a bit migraine-ish. I haven't missed any B12 or 4ME or Creon doses, though I did inject my 4ME late this afternoon instead in the morning. I'm generally doing relatively well.


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