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OMG. Intense herxing after starting 2 enterovirus herbs

Two supplements came so I decided to start individual testing before receiving one more. Astralagus gave an energy boost and I noticed that my thumb abductor muscles were going numb about 4x faster which is an apoptosis stage sign so that was helpful Then I added 250 mg of Shitake mushroom and wham, felt like I was hit by a train energy wise. Well @Hip was right, must be some enterovirus in these muscles immortalizing them and trying to block apoptosis. Intense pain at swollen toes, huge energy drain. Definitely need some vicodin to tolerate this. This stuff works and I haven't even added the last herb. Body is really warming up too. Still doing the other apoptosis supplements of course.

Before starting supplements I am noticing some huge gains overall. My light sensitivity is only 20% of what it was before and my cognitive energy to read is getting much better (2x). Feel less socially avoidant too. Less clumbsiness.

Shitake is another cell growth arrestor so I'm going to dose that, like Peu D'Arco , at 7 days on/7 days off together. Decided to restart Peu D'Arco. Holy snikes, this is crazy apoptosis. Manageable but intense. Should be interesting to see how it progresses. I'm VERY encouraged. Hope the metatarsal swelling goes down soon.


Time to pause the cell growth inhibitor supplements for 7 days to allow healing, improve sleep and skin recovery. Second round didn't affect sleep as badly as first and is being paused at 7 days rather than 9. Will continue inflammation and enterovirus inhibitors in the interim as they don't affect cell growth. Good progress.
I am so glad I'm doing the supplement pause. It massively impoves the quality of my sleep and is necessary to heal the trigger point in my left upper trapezius muscle. I also figured that if the apoptosis is blocked then I should try pausing the antibody enabling supplement too and only stay on the inflammation and coxsackievirus inhibitors to freeze the infections until the next round of apoptosis inhibition (apoptosis takes about two days to complete). No point wasting money on supplements to get stuck in partial apoptosis.
Big energy boost today and felt great (not normal yet but very satisfied). Did 3 sets of burst jogging at 6 PM. Still getting apoptosis but at the lower level. Needed to add T cell supplements back so only skipping cell growth inhibitors for a few days. Trigger point healing up well, must faster than on growth inhibitors.
It's interesting doing the fast then slow apoptosis regimen. I can definitely tell my body is still apoptosing but the apoptosis accelerators definitely speed it up by a huge amount (estimate 10x). I need the cells to heal so the alternation and increased sleep quality really works well. I'm also dreaming a lot more whereas when I had more severe ME my mind would just blank.
I read somewhere that taking a bath with hydrogen peroxide helps with herxing, but I can't be sure about that, you'd have to do your own research.

As for apoptosis, thought of adding fisetin to the mix? Research suggests it's a very potent senolytic drug.

What about the protocol you're following? Is that something you came up with or w/doctor or some website?

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