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OMG. Intense herxing after starting 2 enterovirus herbs

Two supplements came so I decided to start individual testing before receiving one more. Astralagus gave an energy boost and I noticed that my thumb abductor muscles were going numb about 4x faster which is an apoptosis stage sign so that was helpful Then I added 250 mg of Shitake mushroom and wham, felt like I was hit by a train energy wise. Well @Hip was right, must be some enterovirus in these muscles immortalizing them and trying to block apoptosis. Intense pain at swollen toes, huge energy drain. Definitely need some vicodin to tolerate this. This stuff works and I haven't even added the last herb. Body is really warming up too. Still doing the other apoptosis supplements of course.

Before starting supplements I am noticing some huge gains overall. My light sensitivity is only 20% of what it was before and my cognitive energy to read is getting much better (2x). Feel less socially avoidant too. Less clumbsiness.

Shitake is another cell growth arrestor so I'm going to dose that, like Peu D'Arco , at 7 days on/7 days off together. Decided to restart Peu D'Arco. Holy snikes, this is crazy apoptosis. Manageable but intense. Should be interesting to see how it progresses. I'm VERY encouraged. Hope the metatarsal swelling goes down soon.


Good progress! Knowing what supplements to use and getting the desired results is awesome. I have much to learn...
Good progress! Knowing what supplements to use and getting the desired results is awesome. I have much to learn...

Thanks @EddieB. After about 2-3 hours the train became a tsunami. Had to full dose vicodin and had bout of mild nausea then massive energy drain. Abdomen and Right Lower Quarter (that had chronic pain on touch for years) feeling much warmer. Slept 9 hours like the dead. Had to cancel telemed counseling appointment for the next day, no energy for it. Will just be resting for a few days to deal with this. Metatarsals better with less swelling and have the feeling sore but healing. Much, much faster apoptosis than usual. Woke up feeling much warmer and better rested. Intense. No lupus flaring. Go body!
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Starting to feel incredibly appreciative and happy for my body's response. I finally feel like I'm going to beat my ME. I'd put a crying emoticon up but there isn't one. I've had ME for 12 years.

Humeral heads at shoulders now feel numb and sore from apoptosis.

Big increase in need for curcumin (2x) and nincotinamine riboside (4x) and S-adenyl glutathione (2x).

Rib periostitis pain about 2x better on deep inhalation (less inflammation). Sore at lowercorners of ribs over both lungs.

Caffeine dosing needs to be increased 2x to 100 mg.

Nausea returning but milder today (20% decrease). Herxing pain decreased about 50%.
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More apoptosis. Ends of fingers cold then numb and tingly. Very fast. Itching (end stage of apoptosis) over bottom of right foot at sole.
Do you have any link to signs of apoptosis?

I experience periosteal swelling then pain followed by muscle fasciculation, turning to tingling, then numbness, coldness, hypersensitivity, itchiness then normalization. I'm also getting deep abdominal pain now which is improving. Basically it's an acute small fiber neuropathy that normalizes with healing.

Tingling, Burning & Numbness (Neuropathy)

Brown MR, Ramirez JD, Farquhar-Smith P. Pain in cancer survivors. Br J Pain. 2014;8(4):139-153. doi:10.1177/2049463714542605. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4616728/
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Pain levels decreased about 40%. Still need vicodin in evening but gabapentin need decreased. Big energy jump both physically and cognitively (20%).
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Tried astragalus today, stomach/esophagus burn. Darn.☹️

I do not encourage people to try these supplements unless you are following the same treatment plan and are under medical supervision. Partial apoptosis is ineffective, may cause cancer and supplement costs are expensive.
Shoulders now cold and hypersensitive over previously painful areas, just like I said. Wow, 24 hour apoptosis, that was intense. Shoulders still a bit sore so more to go. Resting.
Mood much better, happier, more emotional. Depression/anxiety/startle response reduced 50%.
I found the effects of Astragalus quite gentle, and it did ease things up somewhat when I tried it (late summer 2018) But the second batch made no apparent difference.
I tried it again this year but no effects at all in my case.
Apotosis blocking for multiple viruses is very complicated. I located about 6 different pathway blocks in myself from my own viruses (EBV, VZ, HHV6, Coxsackie 1,5&6) that needed to be addressed and if you can't activate at least one pathway fully it won't work. I think what is happening is that normally viruses have preferred tissue types but when you have multiples it allows viruses to infect tissue that it doesn't normally affect. They also secrete nagalase which prevents you from making new antibodies through macrophage presentation to T cells. So here's an example, EBV stops antibody generation by blocking the macrophage from digesting it, blocks attachment of the antibodies at the cell bilipid membrane, upregulates Nf-kb then add caspase-3 inhibition from HHV6 and another early antibody block from coxsackievirus. There are other blocks too from VZ that I'd have to look up. That's why I'm so adamant against oxymatrine which blocks the caspase-3 pathway. No wonder the cells are so messed up. They are basically hosts for multiple parasitic viruses. You need to support the function of the pathways for the cell to die properly not take chemicals that inhibit it. And there are a long list of things you have to avoid to do this.

Wow, I feel like I'm at 90% energy today. Highest it's ever been since contracting ME. My worst at the start was 10% and I've had it for 12 years. Pre-enterovirus supplement start energy was around 25%. Highest it's ever been was 60% before the new supplements. I've been on astralagus before without the current regimen and it did nothing. I am so damn elated for reaching this point. All the work was worth it.
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I added a new supplement to the mix which is similar to oxymatrine but without the caspase-3 blocking. It appears to have accelerated the apoptosis response. Today I dealt with myofascial inflammation (trigger point) of the left trapezius origin and insertions and a left facet joint mid neck. This morning it was very painful and about half as painful this evening. I treated it with cross friction massage and it improved over time but recurred in the evening so I think it may just be an apoptosis response.
Ok guys, prepare to have your minds blown. This is my first before and after shot of super accelerated apoptosis treatment with all of the new supplements. I'm amazed. Look at the periosteal swelling reduction across the entire left foot (especially the left side of the 5th metatarsal and in the 2nd and 4th toes. This has never been documented before in viral infection treatment, only cancer immunotherapy. New yellow skin color is from increased curcumin tissue absorption and reduced inflamation. I told @Hip oxymatrine/Equilibrant wasn't the way to go. This is why. @Janet Dafoe please share with Ron Davis and have him contact me.
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Very good progress!
Please tell me about the scab/sore on your ankle.

A few months ago I was using galvanic stimulation to speed up apoptosis. I didn't figure out the proper current settings initially and suffered tissue burns that heal as pigmented scars. Galvanic stim using the negative pole over the area you want to apoptose attacts positive charges and helps apoptosis. However, it isn't worth the trouble because it can't handle large amounts of infected tissue and decent stimulators that last more than 6 months are expensive.
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Ok thanks. Was curious, as one of my symptoms is sores that break out, look just like that one. They itch, drain clear fluid, leave brown spots that take months to dissipate.
Ok thanks. Was curious, as one of my symptoms is sores that break out, look just like that one. They itch, drain clear fluid, leave brown spots that take months to dissipate.

That sounds infectious. Have you ever had any animal and tick exposures? Mine don't drain clear fluid however my PCP commented that one on my wrist looked like fluid accumulation.
Have you ever had any animal and tick exposures?
Have tested extensively for lyme, negative.

My latest suspect is zoster virus. I’ve read that a reactivating can cause sores that resemble insect bites.
Herpes Zoster is definitely a ME virus because it inhibits apoptosis. Virtually everyone who had a childhood that was pre-vaccinations has it. I do. I had a strange bug from a feral cat flea bite that was never identified despite extensive PCR testing but triggered a positive nonspecific Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever test, gave chronic, severe headaches and responded to six weeks of doxycycline.

If you have active VZ that's dangerous and you should familiarize yourself with typical shingles rashes and call your doctor immediately if you have anything suspicious since you can limit severity (it is very painful) with early drug treatment. I would get nagalase tested and start using Gcmaf for 4 months if it is elevated to allow antibody generation. Ignore recommendations to use daily high dose Vit D, it inhibits immune response so I dose only 1x/week. I had an outbreak of shingles about a year ago and did this and had a good outcome. A bad outcome is months of intense, neuropathic pain over the area.
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Here is today's progress photo on the same regimen. My rheumatologist was blown away.


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