No improvement... worse again

About 21 August I started trying Echinacea angustifolia tincture again 5ml. 3 times a day, plus 2-3 cloves of raw garlic.
I felt that whatever had affected me since March had not quite gone away.
Yes, in July I actualy started to believe I was slowly coming out of it -getting gradually better from a post-viral syndrome.
The initial "infection" in March hit suddenly with flu like effects. Felt like bad flu. The only difference was this one kept coming back for me, even if I had a few days starting to recover. It would never just go away.

The thing matter what ailment I researched, what I was feeling did not "fit" any profile. The doctor also found nothing.
Then a couple of weeks ago (with hindsight) I found one viral illness that seemed to fit much better than anything else. That was H1N1 influenza virus.
But I am of course, only self-diagnosing that based on documented case histories and symptoms. I really don't know. And it's much too late for a swab for H1N1, which I should have got within the first few days, but didn't.
I have never ever been to a doctor yet, with flu or a bad cold. Those things always responded to the Echinacea, garlic, herbs, hot soups, water, more rest,etc. So I wasn't about to go to the doc. with a rough bug.
When I did go it was weeks later when no better.

Well in July it seemed to be shifting. With an odd day or so here and there when things were not so wonderful, most of July I felt gradual improvement. I even posted here "I think I'm getting better!"
The only hangover from it was my energy was still not back to the way it was before March, and I tired more easily. But I was able to go for walks and get on with a pretty easy way of life (retired, live in the countryside. No stresses, anxieties or worries beyond the ordinary day to day issues we all get.)
I just took it a bit easy, and tried not to throw myself around, sure that I was healing and it would take maybe a few more weeks to come back up to 100%.

So, still not feeling quite right, and starting to slip backwards a tiny bit in August, I thought I'd try the Echinacea and garlic again.
It made not the slightest difference in a week. I might as well have breathed fresh air.

I do not and never did, respond well to antibiotics. They often make me frighteningly ill. Regarding the lymph node infection below, I once got the most horrible heart symptoms from Erythromycin and was advised to come off it. Then I took those herbs, and they worked in 2 days with no side effects.

That combination cured me in the past (over the last 30 years) of:
A systemic infection caused by a rose thorn.
A snake bite (adder)
An infected lymph node causing acute infection symptoms.
Secondary chest infections caused by flu and colds, and shortened the duration of flus and colds.

But initially they didn't appear to work during this (viral?) issue. I always got a bit of a boost from them, but no marked improvement overall.
And the second experiment with them didn't work either.
I was not worsened by taking them, but there was no obvious benefit either. So after about 6 days I stopped them.....baffled again.

Now I have really gone downhill moreso the last week.
It's like the initial symptoms are back again.

I am doing the first-thing-in-the-morning temperature test just to be on the safe side re: subclinical thyroid imbalance of some kind. Even though the doctor said my thyroid function checks out perfect. Also my symptoms are not a good fit for either -hypo or hyper.


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