Homeopathy didn't work

Well I thought it was worth a try.

It was a very good -if exhausting -consultation with the homeopath (I think that was a week ago but have a strange time-warp effect going on right now so it feels like ages ago.)

He recommended a "tissue salt" Kali Phos. and sent me the tablets, which were nothing like the ones you usually buy from the store and didn't even taste sweet.

The one thing I couldn't do while on them was drink coffee. Now I have a love-hate relationship with coffee....because I love it, but this last few months sometimes it throws a hissy-fit with me. Nevertheless I really like my one cup of coffee in the mornings (weak) -so I did miss that, and had to drink the only black tea I can stand, and that is Earl Grey, no milk no sugar.

Losing the coffee wasn't so bad and there were NO withdrawals from it. But I have been drinking a morning coffee for more than 40 years.

So I started the remedy and took it carefully as instructed.

By the fourth dose I started to get quite upsetting symptoms all of a sudden, which took me unawares, and were exactly like the ones I got in the first 5 weeks. Couldn't eat at times even.
Something was happening for sure, but it wasn't very nice.

I told the homeopath, and he suggested I might be "proving" the remedy and perhaps should stop taking it. But I wanted to keep going because even later that day I could feel my energy starting to improve!

I took doses the next day, and still had zero appetite, but weirdly by the third day I felt much better general energy -getting close to my normal self!

Then some nausea came. So I felt sick as a dog and no appetite, yet about 90% of my positive energy and absolutely no shakiness! Weird combination.....
These weren't "side effects" but rather symptoms I've had throughout this illness and am familiar with, though they hadn't been happening for some time.

But by the fourth day of taking the remedy everything seemed to bottom out. Appetite came back slightly better but my energy declined, so really there was no benefit because I was just the same.

It's strange because there was a strong response to this remedy. There's no denying that from what I observed (and I had no particular expectations beyond a distant hope that it might make me feel better.)

So I have now stopped taking it, and feel like I've crashed somewhat. My heart is a mess with all sorts going on and the horrible tremor has come back, out of breath easily...yada yada....boring.

I am supposed to get back to him in a few days to tell him how I'm doing, and if I wish, we could try another remedy. I might do that. There is no extra charge. I could give that experiment another shot.

But it goes to show these remedies are a bit more powerful than mere "sugar pills"


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