Homeopathy helped...but....

In my last blog post called "Homeopathy didn't work", I mentioned I'd been taking a remedy which was Kali Phos. prescribed by my homeopath.
It made me feel suddenly worse. And the homeopath told me to stop taking it -which I did.
Then he prescribed me the same remedy but a different potency.
So I thought it was worth a second try.

I'm not a complete devotee of homeopathy (it makes absolutely NO scientific sense whatsoever!)....but I have seen it work wonders for animals, and I had been greatly helped by it once in the past, so was willing to try again, for this.

I started taking the new remedy at the beginning of November, and felt gently better. That continued for a week or so.

Then came the CT scan which floored me for four days. So badly I thought I was catching flu. But no flu (or cold type illness) developed.

That horrible thing disappeared entirely on the 5th day after the CT. Woke up one day and it was gone!

Okay so I was back to where I'd been before the CT.....gently better.
So much that I really felt like my normal self. I stopped the homeopathic remedy but was pretty sure it was that which had helped.
That continued from the 15th November.
It was good. No symptoms except for just one tiny blip where I felt weirdly drained one afternoon, but tiredness at the end of the day was just normal tiredness! I could get on with normal life, but was careful not to overdo anything.
The weather was colder. A bitter cold east wind. I liked it. I felt well in it.

Then it went warm and gloomy and damp (blahh! :() But still....not too bad.

I'd had deep Beau's lines on one thumbnail through this whole 8 months of illness, and even those stopped happening! For the measurement of about one month, there is a lovely flat area on my nail and no Beau's lines.

A couple of days ago all that went splat! I have no idea why. I have no clue what caused the relapse. Today....back to feeling rotten again.

The homeopathic remedy definitely helped....but....

I shall start to take it again and see what happens. It doesn't look like a cure but it induced about a month long remission.


Hi, I went to a very good homoeopath (people used to fly in from overseas to see him) and he FIXED one of my symptoms I'd had for ages with just two homeoepathy treatments. I used to have to pee 6-8 times a night, I would wake up soo many times cause I needed to pee and I had constant thirst.

It was those symptoms he fixed in just a couple of days! I still have all my other symptoms though and still do have POTS, I just now do not have a maddening level of thirst with it any more and have been free now of those two symptoms for years.

Unfortunately other than that and my constant dizziness (he was also a chiropractor so he fixed the dizziness with just a neck adjustment), this guy was unable to fix anything else for me but Im very grateful he fixed two major things for me.
I'm glad you got completely cured of that symptom taniaaust1 !

My relapse this time (fingers crossed) passed in a few days and I am back to what I felt before....not too bad. I didn't re-start the homeopathic remedy as it happened, just because I kept forgetting about the "30 minute rule" (eating/drinking etc) and also fancied a coffee most mornings. But the few days of symptoms eased anyway (so far!)

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