Yes, everybody knows that MTHFR is a pretty funny acronym. It stands for methylene tetrahydrofolate reductase and this is an enzyme. What is an enzyme?

Let' s review.

Your DNA has 2 primary functions - pass on your genetics to the next generation and to make protein. Some of this protein is in the form of enzymes. If our bodies were factories then enzymes would be the labourers.

It is a good analogy because when an enzyme makes a change to a molecule, it passes it down the assembly line to the next enzyme that preforms the next task. Trillions of these actions taking place every day.

MTHFR attaches a methyl group to folate so that it can be fed into the methylation pathway. People with MTHFR++ have received a poorer copy from each of the parents and now have about a 30% capacity to get this job done.

By itself, this may not be a big deal but when combined with: a) other genetic problems in the pathway and/or b) something poisoning the pathway like mercury or lead, and all of these shortcomings will start to add up.

It is like a bicycle. If your rim is bent a bit, you can still ride but now add a chain that won't stay on, a tire that doesn't hold air all that well, marginal brakes, and so on....all of these problems can add up to a bike that can not be ridden.

What is methyl anyway? Methyl is one of life more simple molecules made up of one carbon atom and 3 hydrogen - CH3. It is almost as simple as water which is H2O. Yes, I knew that you had that figured out :)

In spite of being a very simple molecule, methyl has the ability to profoundly change things that it is attached to and is passed around like currency in a market place. Very important stuff.

Here is my signature from Phoenix Rising - ++ MTHFR C677T - MTRR x 4 - TCN2 C766G - TYMS - COMT x 3 - MTHFRD1 - MTHFRD1L x 2 - NOS2 - NOS3 G10T - GAD - BHMT

+- CBS x 6 - MTR x 12 - COMT x 4 - GAD1 x 6 - TCN3 - MTHFD1 G1958A - MTHFD1L - MTHFS - NOS3 x3 - PEMT x4 - SHMT1 C1420T - SLC19A1 x2 - FOLR3 x2 - VDR x2 - fut2

Don't worry, I am not going into all of this stuff. Suffice to say that my genetics are not the worst possible but is headed in that direction. There are many things here that relate to transport and use of folate and B12.

Other than change my relationship with my Dr, my 23 results helped to validate the things that I do to others. When I take so much B12 that even I think I am crazy sometimes, I can say, "I have to, I've got genetic problems". For some reason people accept that better than, "It makes me feel better" or "It helps with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome".

Next - I double-down with B12.


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