Symptom Review

bipolar cycling - was decreasing on its own by 2011 but I could sense solid ground under me with addition of thyroid

depression - improved within 3 days of starting B12 but eventually I would add a bupropion which helped to keep it that way, I am not entirely happy with this situation. I added it to improve brain-fog which it did. When I took it away I detected depression. I am not the first one to wonder whether psych meds can cause psych problems.

frequent urination - gone within 36 hours of starting B12. And I mean gone. From 5 times a night down to 1-2. From peeing every 12 minutes after supper to twice in the evening.

tinnitus - improved slowly and steadily with chelation. Small improvement as well with iodine

folliculitis, eczema, psoriasis - seem to improve with elimination of certain food but a guy has to eat something. I suspect that I will always have some skin issues

problems focusing - one of first symptoms to go with chelation visual illusions - left early in chelation

Strength to stand up - improved many fold with addition of hydrocortisone,

orthostatic intolerance responded to B12 therapy and treatment of mycoplasma (2015)

food sensitivities - have gotten worse with time. Especially since colon came out.

Un-refreshing sleep. This improved when methylation was addressed.

sexual dysfunction - turned out testosterone was low.

Positive Rhombergs Sign very gradually improved. I no longer lose my balance but still sway a bit.

Pronounced hand tremor and fingers moving involuntarily when fingers extended. Gradual improvement until symptoms no longer exist.

I am forgetting some stuff so I'll come back to this later.


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