Lessons from a Car

Let me tell you a story that has impacted my approach to my health issues. I was just starting out with a young family and had an old 1979 LeBaron and I was trying to get it certified, all it needed was a horn. Save the easiest for the last, right?

Sure wasn't hard to see what the problem was as the horn was a glob of rust. I drove 30 min to the wreckers and brought home a used horn. Didn't work, but that was OK as I then knew that it was the relay and took the horn back. Relay didn't work...but that was OK because I now had the problem narrowed down to the contacts in the steering wheel. But alas, I was wrong again.

I had to step outside the box. Know what was wrong with my car horn? All three things.

My experience with this car helped me realize that there was no magic pill or all-encompassing epiphany likely to happen. I would have more than one thing wrong with me. And so will you.


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