Methylation - first attempt

I was still posting to Yahoo's Frequent Dose Chelation. One of the members named, "hirvinc" had been trying to help me but his messages always seemed to be encrypted. He wouldn't just come out and say what he was thinking...he would try to lead me to ideas and lines of thinking and my mind was functioning at a very basic level and not able to deal with abstracts.

He is the one who got me to realize that I had all the classic symptoms of CFS a few months earlier.

Finally in December 2011, I understood that he was suggested that I take B12. I had been taking multivites with methylfolate at about 400 mcg a day and cyanocobalamin at about 3 mcg. I switched to methylcobalamin and in a number of days my tongue swelled and split. It would barely fit in my mouth and looked like raw meat. Very sore and a bit scary.

I had my answer. My body was sending clear signs that I was not to be heading down any trail that lead to modifying the methylation pathway. This will come up later, I was taking Riboflavin = B2, 24 mg a day.

That pretty much covers my first methylation trial. It was short and brutal.


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