Food sensitivities or no food sensitivities ...

I was so happy, when I tried viagra in the last days of April 2014. It was a revelation.
Until then, I was sure I don't have a heart problem.

I took it, whenever I felt so. It was mostly one a day or even every two days.
Until suddenly, when feeling worse than before - within a few seconds. Next day the same.
Nightmarish, and I tried another brand a few days later. Same same.

Some weeks later, I took a P5P (vit b6) . 5 seconds later: crash.
Same, as with the Viagra: Heart problems, no oxygene, like suffocating, sitting down and trying to survive.

I wondered, that the B6 capsule the day before was ok. Whats wrong with P5P?

While pondering, I came to ponder about my swallowing, pharynx, breathing problems and all that awful hair balls in the throat.
Somehow, things always changed a little... over years, decades, days.. but bottom line it had been never different.

This P5P was stuck in my throat. At some place between the throat and the upper chest.
Things could get stuck there for ages and attempts to wash them down were in vain.

It was the texture.

The B6 was a capsule, the P5P a pressed tablet as was the Viagra.
And so was the food. Cookies I dislike, even though being a chocolate addict - as in heroin or cocaine. But it happens also with drinks, unbearably strong with tetra pak juices.

Everything powdery pours out of the easophagus before it reaches the stomach.
This is more or less intense, in days, weeks, months... and depending on the texture.
It happens within seconds and might be more or less noticable.

Some larvae, microfilarae and what not crawl up there.
They cause that hair balls in the throat and make things stuck.
They make the whole thing permeable.

At best, you are getting instantly tired after food.


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