Arthropods & Co: Alzheimers = Mites

Its the mites, lice and fleas - dont know the role of amoebas, but they certainly have one, too.

They infest organs in humans: heart, lung, stomach, brain, ears, gum!, uro-genital, and everything else as well.
They are everywhere - in masses.

And the mites are most likely the main culprits in alzheimers and its amyloidosis.
(research shows, mites are causing amyloidosis)

And its also the arthropod league, hijacking and infesting the CNS, the nerves.
Its them, that spread so quickly again - you know, as in the vancomycin-autism experiment.
They are carrying all sort of pathogens - e.g. viruses, bacteria and helminth eggs.

No many antibiotics help well against mites - and with them, all the other parasites/pathogens (viruses, helminth eggs) survive. As this is a key feature in cancer, they may be highly involved in that one, too. And one may wonder about their role in HIV.
Oh, and of course the 'psychiatric diseases', particularly psychosis.
And it explains why things "run in the family".

Interestingly, the mites eggs/larvae look like schistosomiasis eggs - and have been mistaken as such even in the lab.

Probably, the mites and other arthropods are to blame in all
- CNS related and
- "chronic" diseases
Parkinson, MS, IBS and the vectors in "lyme"-like infections, bladder infection, prostate diseases, muscle wasting things ... to be continued...

The pain in the joints - its the mites (or lice).
The "jumping" pain known from lyme - its them.
They breach the skin, they tear down the stomach gate so everthing can pass through unhindered.

Then, Hulda wasnt exactly right - though on the right track.
The root of all diseases aint the helminths, but that legged armada inside us.
And some of them are fairly big, real bugs you would never expect living in the human body.

On another note ... there is a direct link/connection between the microbes (perhaps mainly mites) on the skin and the gut - its minutes apart.
e.g. skin overgrowth = constipation, bladder (organ) overgrowth = increased urination (as in diabetes insipidus).

And if they have a very close bacterial-pal, my bet would be on tuberculosis.

- all 'dazoles: metronidazole, tinidazole, secnidazole, ornidazole
- ofloxacin is brilliant
- doxycycline helps, too

- permethrin
- malathione

- turmeric, it has a 'popcorn effect'
- tea tree oil
- neem (interrupts their reproduction cycle)
- vitamin D
- nicotine (check the chain smokers)
- sauna (heat, 40 degrees +)
- the beach (salt water, sun)
- freezing cold
- magnetism/electricity
- hbot chambers (hyperbaric oxygene)

Every antibiotics/antiviral/antihelminth treatment has to be accompanied by anti-arthropod medication.
So, Lyme, Alzheimers and the arthropod related diseases are highly contagious - but my take years to develop the strong symptoms.

Any input, suggestion, experience - please comment.
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Oh, I see you believe that the arthropods are actually living inside you. I do not believe that, as I have seen no evidence for it, and it would require a major evolutionary adaption on behalf of the arthropods in question.
no its arthropods, particularly mites with many legs :)
its hard to believe, because its so appalling.
that it happens to animals is widely accepted, though.
I forgot one disease, caused by arthropds, imo the mites: ALTITUDE SICKNESS.

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