..remember those shiny black bulging leeches ..

.. when swimming in the lake as a kid?
would you catch them to scare the girls?

they are good hosts.
in their blood and gut, they seem to host really ALL sort of pathogens and parasites:
viruses (mimi, HIV), bacteria, helminths, toxoplasma...

leeches are badly infested with parasites, depending on the region they originate from.
transfer isnt necessarily done by sucking on their prey, however, mostly when they get pulled off.

leeches infest humans easily - INSIDE you.
and they will stay and breed there.

while you are swimming, all body holes are available.
they are blind and prefer girls for some (pheromonic?) reason.

when leeches die, their pathogens are set free and moreover, their decay attracts the paralysing clostridium to the scene.
so, you are served a full blow 'of something many'.

female leeches live up to 6 years.
cancer is said to return in the 7th year.
could they carry some cancer-inducer?

salts? epsom salt topical/bath
supporting with antibiotic to control clostridiums

leeches as vectors of human pathogens
Hirudo medicinalis bought in German pharmacies contained up to 11 different species of bacteria, african have HIV in their blood.

Leech infestation through lower body orifices is common [..at whatever pond they are home]


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