Chronic - treating the wrong end?

It's puzzling how quickly people relapse as soon as they stop ABX, e.g. the vancomycin.
How quickly infection resumes, whatever treatment.
Seems much too fast and much too heavy.

An explanation:
Surely, it isn't 'fully understood' who does do and carry what.

However Amoebas, fleas, lice, mites (AFLM), as well as ticks and some mosquitos
are known vectors of bacteria, viruses and helminths.
They are infected with them.
They live under your skin.

No matter what 'bacteria effective' ABX or Anti-Viral you take, it is most likely ineffective against your infected AFLM.
Consequently, they may reinfect you again at some point of their life cycle.

If you are infected with such AFLM, then you will be reinfected with bacteria etc. again and again.
You can take ABX till doomsday - it will be just a short-lived band aid.

Do we treat the wrong end?

Chronic Lyme cant be explained with the tick falling off.
It may be explainable, when there is another pathogen in the body, carrying the strain(s).
This pathogen may not shed the bacteria constantly.
And moreover, this AFLM is unaffected by most ABX/Anti-virals.


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