The Breakthrough (tags: Graphic content, Worms, Feces)

After taking Mebendazole for a couple of weeks, feeling plain awesome and cuddly safe as finding no worms whatsoever, I took that fateful Albendazole+Ivermectin.
Just two hours later a flu, the next morning more worms than feces.

Worms sticking out of the feces?
There were others, but those sticking out seemed the vast majority. Like Mikado. Upright.

The next day the same, maybe 90% of the load.
The next days 80%, 80%, 80% ...
The next week I took another Albendazole+IM.
90%, 80%, 80%, 80%, 80%, 80%, 80%...
Shouldn't it become less?
I took a 3rd. It didn't.

While quizzing local pharmacies, I bought another package - with a funny looking scetched worm on it: $1.

About to move and enjoying my appetite, hunger feelings, cooking a lot and staring in disbelieve at my creepy thin legs which seemed to slim by the minute, I find the orange 4 tablets are for tapeworms. I dont have. Everything is round. Though, it won't do damage taking them.

Linus has a blanket, I have a dark gray Ridge Rest mat. I can't sleep without.
When waking up, I lie on the back and just open the eyes for a minute.
Where pain? Anything different? I'm still alive :)

Waking up this morning, its so beautifully green outside. The light is very nice, too. I feel good, have slept well. No wake up, no shit dreamt, nothing. Beautiful day. Well rested.
First idea, I go to the kitchen to pour a coffee - as usual.

But something is different and I look at the mat.
Its white. I look and look and look... somehow I cant think anything.

Its the white crumbs, which had been there before - sometimes a few more or less perhaps up to 10 max. Which also recently showed up on my right wrist in a patch. But the mat is full of it.

I looked long at the mat. It was white, everywhere I lied, underneath me. A very clean bright white.
And this evenly spread white carpet was wider and longer than me. It included the whole head and beyond and only in the feet area, there were some square inches were it was possible to see the mat color through.

Two days constipation and fear, the next bowel movements had a live worm.
It was alive for some seconds. Very thin, almost like a hair, very long - 10 centimeters or more.

From then on, the Mikado-Sticks dramatically decreased.

The following 3 weeks the white crumbs came out of every hole:
The eyes, the nose, the mouth, the ears, the vagina, the arse, the skin, the head... did I forget anything?
They just fell off in masses.

My laptop was full, the table, the chair and underneath. With a broom I cleaned everything multiple times a day. Every morning eyelashes were out or folded back, neately onto the eyelid. Looked weird, but.. hey... Almost only on the right eye. This is the lasered one, because it was "the worst".

One I pulled out of the feces.
After it was dried, it looked like a light beige greenish longish, really narrow leaf.

What flukes dislike Niclosamide more than Ivermectin?
They must have white eggs, sitting in the skin?
There is no such fluke.

Were it eggs of the scabies mites on the mat?
But then, why stopped the Mikados with the scabies mites?

What does Niclosamide?
It was the first medication developed for Schistosomiasis.

Sorry for the shocker.
Taking Anti-Helminths is like being in a top wellness-spa that is in the middle of the hell.


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