Fall of 2010

A lot of things happened all at the same time towards the end of 2010.

Anxiety attacks were punctuated by Obsessive Thinking. Over-and-over the same self-depreciating crap.....

My irritability lead to an argument with the researcher at work. I thought that he was a full of shit and that he was in short "an a-hole". My boss straightened me up and I had to apologize, which I did in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way.

But I thought the world of my boss at that time and the sense that I had let her down cut me deep. I thought about all of this over-and-over. Practically every minute of every day for 5 months straight. I would derail that thoughts but then an hour later I would realize that I was back "on topic" again. And that I had been obsessing quite a while.

The researcher was fired as he had falsified his credentials. You might think that being right might help me derail my thoughts.

The OCD thinking continued anyway.

I had 6 errors of omission on the job. That is a fancy way to say that I couldn't remember to do my work. I was trying to borrow my co-workers memory whenever I could. "Jean, your job today includes reminding me that I have a 2 o'clock meeting".

Still, forgetting things was getting me noticed and I was having frequent visits to the boss's office. I assumed that I was entering early dementia. Bipolar Disorder is a separate risk factor for Alzheimer's.

Irritable, poor memory, depressed....there was mounting pressure that I go back on medication.

Also, while sitting on the couch drinking a cider, I became itchy and identified a sulfite sensitivity. This was added to gluten = arthritic pain in my hands, and corn = itchiness. I had other foods on the suspect list and I went for testing in November 2010.

The testing confirmed that I was reacting to a pile of things. While it was only electro-dermal testing I took it to mean that I needed to be careful.

Dr Price started me on some amino acids including 5-HTP (one step away from serotonin) and l-dopa (one step away from dopamine which in turn is the precursor for norephinephrine). That was November 2010 and it is the last time that I would have said that I was 100% well.

I felt great on the amino acids...maybe, a bit too great. But it didn't last. Just like every medication I had ever tried I had a honeymoon period followed by a loss of efficacy.

Perhaps, chewing nicorette gum to avoid the seasonal crash was the main factor. I can't say.

For those of you with amalgam fillings, stop chewing gum and certainly stay away from nicorette which has a tougher texture and is chewed more "aggressively" than regular chewing gum.

This is a video capturing some of the data that finally got the Dental Association to shut-up about mercury fillings being inert.

Did you watch it? If not, stop and do so right now because it will give context to the next part of my story. See that mercury vapour coming off the teeth? You can increase it by as much as a factor of 10 by chewing nicorette gum. I had used it for 3+ months each winter for 4 years at that point.

The first week in December I made another mistake at work. Again it was a memory issue. I ended up in a heated discussion with the boss. "You do realize that this is not going to get better, right?"

December 8th I took a break from work. I was distraught - the quality of my thinking was not good and my mood was brittle. On the 13th I went for my first dental appointment to have the mercury taken out of my mouth.

Next, I will show you how to deal with mercury fillings if you want to get really sick. Don't do what I did.


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