During the crash

I'm looking for different ways others get through a crash. I'm still learning and trying to figure out how I need to live my life with OI , CFS.

This crash was simple. My sons wedding, kitty sitting while they honeymooned and unfortunately 3nights of no sleep.

I have slowly been reading PRs, "living with, ME/CFS", not enough to understand what I should be doing during this bad crash.

Do I rest only?, do I do a little stretching/yoga?, how much do I listen to my body & mind and what will best get me through this terrible crash.

I'm still in the feel guilty about doing nothing place. I want to just do the right thing for me.

Hoping others will share their experiences with me. How do you get through?


Thank you, yes rest is what I need to do. I will continue to work on the guilty. This disease is difficult to get your loved ones to understand. They only know I stopped doing alot of things and they think it would help me to get out and do them. I hope to get my kids together and read PR's description of

CFS. The most useful is being called the invisible disease. Thanks for your support everyone.

I was hoping to start a conversation on personal accounts of others living with this this. Funny.....I have always been the supporter, not the supported. PR.....so thankful for it.
Still trying to recover. I ended up with an infection so having to drive to the doctors plus the infection has set me back. I appreciate the feedback from you. I am resting. Feeling guilty has been with me so long. It will take awhile to let go. Guilt also makes me sad, missing by kids and wishing they would visit. They're busy I tell myself and them that I understand but inside I miss them. Feeling lonely today, and sick. Hope whoever reads this is having one of those better days we get once in awhile.

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