Facing the Memories, what did I do!?

What did I do?!
I'm asking myself this question with PR friends. You all have faced "ME crash sick" at some point from doing more than you should..... I'm pretty sure anyways. I just did......

I hope many of you can think back to some of your great memories with your family. I remember getting together on holidays with my Aunt and Uncle and my cousins. I have a small family since my father was adopted and my Mom only had one brother. We would have so much fun as kids!

As we got older, my sister who is 8yrs older than me would have all the holidays and get togethers at her house, the big house with a pool. We would eat together, our kids playing together. After dinner we always played a card game called, "pitch". We would laugh, my mom and brother would always argue....they just did...we expected it.

Then our kids grew up, most married, moved around all over the U.S.. So visiting required flying or a long drive.
We all go years without seeing each other now.

So, what does this have to do with ME?
Airports... long drives.....alot of talking....even just packing. Like me maybe alot of you can't drive long distances anymore. All these.....hurt us now.

It's been a tough year for me, had to stop working, my mom died two months later..(flying..crying), my son got married..( work..emotional..loud)..went on a 2 week vacation..(packing..Airports..flying..customs!).
Now one more thing....my niece's wedding.

My son offered to drive. I knew I would get to see my family. My granddaughter came with us. All great reasons to go. I also knew it meant alot to my sister, (The one who always entertained) and my niece.

So we drove Sunday for 7 hours, just enough time to check in to the hotel get dressed and go to the wedding.

We got there.....oh wow...there's my brother, my nieces and nephews, my sister, all their kids. I never imagined just how exciting and emotional it would be to see them all!! My niece was a beautiful bride.

Ok....now I started to get the fog brain going. The music was so loud. We had to yell to talk.....I tried fitting in with everyone and have fun. Dancing, the photo booth...all the wedding stuff.

I tried....finally I had to leave and go back to the hotel. I realized I forgot to take my meds and it was too late, they would keep me awake. I couldn't sleep anyways.....the room was so hot to me!

The next morning, yesterday, I really felt all that I have done to myself. We drove home.

All these things, my mom's death, my son's wedding, vacation, and now this wedding trip all happening within a 3 month time. I thought I was ok for each...now ME is here......reminding me that I'm not the same as I was back in the old days........I'm sick with an unpredictable disease.

I don't know how long it will take now to recover. I'm going to believe I will, I have to right?! That's what we do and hope for with ME. We never give up hope!

I will rest now...no more weddings for awhile. Can't predict deaths of course but no more vacations this year, at the least. Rest...

I'm thankful, I did share such special times, built great new memories!! Now I can blog my, "Facing the Memories" blog with my PR friends.....family.

Yes, memories old and new, good and bad. We all have them.
Thanks to all of you who have read my blogs.
You are all very special people PR friends!! Keep making memories!


You've had the kind of year that would knock anyone back, before even being ill. What an intense trip!
that's so wonderful that you got to see your family at the wedding
Glad you're home and can rest.

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