Anyone tried cannabis?

I was reading several articles on cannabis. These were current articles and studies.
I know quite awhile ago there was some discussion on but here but thought I would ask you all anyways.

According to what I have read, cannabis can treat ALOT of symptoms that we suffer. I know we are all different but I was blown away.

It can treat POTS, IBS, it decreases inflammation in the brain giving it homeostasis to regulate our organ systems. Among many it also can relieve pain! Most of us know that.

I take alot of medications like many of us. Especially for POTS, depression and pain.
I thought how great it would be to be able to stop some of these meds for an organic medication.

Turns out in my State it's ridiculous what you have to go through to actually get it. It's expensive! Plus my doctor was not thrilled about going through the process. So I will not be trying cannabis.

My question, is anyone currently on cannabis or tried it? Has it helped you? If it has, in what way?

I am not thinking of the high, or using as a recreational drug. I would like to hear if any of my ME/CFS, PR friends have some input and experience. Especially if it's recent.

Thanks all,


HI Pen2, I have used Cannabis off and on since I got sick in 2011. It is illegal in my state and will probably burn before those laws change. But I am 30 minutes from the Florida state line. I KNOW it has helped me, I take less IBS medication, less medication for sleep and generally feel better except for memory trouble, (I won't forget a child at practice, but I might have to go back to the grocery) and the other undesirable effect for me is wheezing. Edibles are available and easily made, but i have not enough experience to do that magic.
I am up in the middle of the night many nights and if I have cannabis I can go back to sleep within a half hour. How infuriating that a plant that helps me so much, legal a 30 minute car ride away carries serious jail time for me to have in my home.
Thank you @Jesse's mom, It's semi legal here in MD, but the process to get it is ridiculous! You have to apply for it, your Dr has to have a license to prescribe it. Then IF you're approved, you have to find a distributor place. I'm just wondering if it's worth it. Sounds like it's worth it for you!

Sorry it's illegal where you are. I think it's just got a ways to go before they see the treatment benefits. I'm frustrated. I'll see what my Dr says at my next appt.

Thanks for the feedback!
Smoking cannabis is very different than eating it. This is important. When you eat it, the liver creates a secondary metabolite that is a completely different experience. You can google it. Probably far beyond what you are looking for. You can watch Joe Rogans latest netflix special and see what I

Smoking it can provide instant relief of some symptoms however, its not far from drinking alcohol in that it can create a dependency behavior. Using a vape pen is the third form. Some people say it feels a little more toxic over time (i agree). Vaping can be much more precise of dosage though. There are many different strains that produce noticeable variation in effect. Some help you think, some help you knock yourself out...etc. That being said, it's just another symptom reducer that insulates one from feeling emotion.
Yes I've tried it. For high-quality CBD extracts that are less psychoactive but still medicinal (anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety) - try Phyto Family from Colorado. They ship to all 50 states.
Yes, I use it regularly. I grow my own here in CO where it is legal. It is expensive if you have to buy it.

The biggest thing it helps with is insomnia. The THC wears off in about 3 hours so I get up to go pee, use my bong and a dose of tincture (made from the whole plant, stems, leaves & flowers). Sometimes I get up to 5 hours of sleep before the pain wakes me, but it's usually about 3 hours.

I used to have muscle spasms so bad they sometimes left bruises in those muscles. Haven't had a spasm since I started using mmj. I buy CBD online, preferably from hemp and from Canada (avoid China) and use it in the morning to counter the ataxia the cannabis worsens. It probably makes me feel "happier" too, and as one cannabis researchers says, why shouldn't a medicine make you feel better? It's only BigpHarms that makes drugs that make you feel worse in some way and have warnings a yard long. I don't believe it's addictive at all, except for the fact that anything that makes us feels better is "addictive." I'm addicted to coffee...

CBD itself is not psychoactive at all. If there is anything else I can tell you, please feel free to ask.

If you want sedation and pain relief you need to choose the indica strains. If you plan to use it while doing some where you need to be alert, the sativa strains would better suit.

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