Gone so long

Hello PR family,
I want to share why I haven't been on PR for a long time. First of all, it's about me. I have missed PR.

A while ago I shared that I was dealing with alot with my family. My husband went through surgery for prostate cancer and it has been a very difficult recovery for him. So hard for me to see him struggle like he has. The good news is that at this time, he is cancer free and doing well! I'm so proud of him.

My children moved away, now I just get to talk to my son on the phone. Their lives have changed for the better!! I'm so happy for them! Me....it's taken awhile to let them go and realize they won't be walking through my door for a visit.
I'm doing better now. A wise man told me not to be codepedent! Believe it or not, that helped.

Another reason I want to share that saddens me still, much better now. I have people I love on both PR and Science for ME. The split made me sad. My unrealistic self wants everyone to get along.

So now I realize, it's something that happened and even though I wasn't involved, I understand the need to separate. I care about what's going on in both sites and want to be apart of both.

For my brain? It's hard to keep up. Then I felt down about it for awhile and decided to take a break while I focused on my family. Between people missing and separating, I didn't want to be sad.

I care so much about my ME family that I wanted to make sure I didn't get codependent. :lol::p Growing up in an alcoholic home, my part was the peace maker. I tried to make every body happy by being sweet ole me. Never a problem.

I still want to be sweet.....I like that part of me. Sick and all. :redface:

Just wanted to share, hope you all don't mind.

Big Hugs to everyone!!


Welcome back, Pen2! It must have been so stressful with your husband's illness. It's great he's doing well now.

Yes, the split and ugliness that went on with PR was terrible, but I've gotten used to it. Like you, I'm a dual citizen of both sites, and that's fine, although I do sometimes miss the old days when we were all together here.

So glad you're back!
Thanks perchance dreamer! It's good to talk to everyone we can, isn't it?
Hi @Pen2,

Thanks for your update--and welcome back! -- Hmmm, where are those emoticons when you need them? lol

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