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The info based on Yasko is getting kind of long in the tooth. There is newer, better info as research has progressed.

At this time, I'm suggesting a combination of Ben Lynch's "Dirty Genes" book and the Andy Cutler frequent dose mercury chelation protocol.

Lynch's info emphasizes epigenetics over genetics. Epigenetics are the environment's influence on genetics. Genetics (SNPs) are just potentials and may or may not be expressed (until epigenetic stressors are applied to them). Therefore, it's not a good practice to supplement for your genes just because you have mutations.

Lynch has selected 7 major genes that have a good body of research behind them and are actionable. Some of them are the same as Yasko's genes, and some aren't.

You don't need to have genetic testing to use the book, but if you have already done testing, I suggest also getting Ben Lynch's Strategene report. It can be very enlightening to compare your genetics and epigenetics.

For example, if you don't have MTHFR SNPs, you might think your methylation is fine, but in reality, your MTHFR genes may be "acting dirty" because of epigenetics. In this case, you can improve your methylation status by removing the things which are making your genes dirty, vs adding mega doses of B vitamins. It will accomplish the same mission, and maybe even do a better job as some epigenetic stressors can screw up much more than methylation.

All the 7 SNPs can be screwed up if you have mercury and/or other heavy metals like lead or arsenic. These metals are, unfortunately, ubiquitous in our environment, and you may not realize you've been exposed. Testing is tricky. You may have tested and think you're in the clear, when you're actually not. If many of your genes are "acting dirty", this is one clue that you need to look or re-look at metals. Metals can screw up your genes way worse than any genetic mutations, so it's important not to miss this.

Unfortunately, there is one flaw in Lynch's book, which are his recommendations for dealing with toxic metals. Lynch's recommendations are based on ACAM protocols which are flawed and can make you worse (I've found this from personal experience as well). I suggest ignoring them, and instead refer to Andy Cutler's information. Cutler's info is a major improvement over ACAM protocols.

I've copied the relevant information to a new section below, while leaving all of the other info for posterity under that, if anyone still wants to look at it. The warnings in red about Starting Low and Going Slow, and alpha lipoic acid (ALA) still stand.


Dr. Ben Lynch videos and links
  • Dirty Genes book - how epigenetics (environment) affects your genes and what to do about it
  • Dirty Genes videos - links to videos on the 7 Dirty Genes and what to do if they're "dirty" (note several of these are different than Yasko). There is also a book and course to go with it, if you wish to go deeper.
  • Strategene - by Ben Lynch - pathway diagram with your SNPs and epigenetic factors affecting them. Designed as a better way to interpret SNPs than other confusing reports.

Andrew Cutler Mercury Toxicity and Frequent Dose Chelation
  • Forum You can find all the info you need there for what is the protocol, how to do it, how to get a hair test, how to get it interpreted, talk to others doing the protocol, etc.
  • Andy Cutler Chelation: Safe Mercury and Heavy Metal Detox Facebook Group - if you prefer Facebook. This is a lot busier group with a lot of newbies, but some of the same moderators as the Yahoo group. There is also a dentist who can look at your bitewings for mercury specks.
  • There are a zillion ways to chelate and many of them can make you worse - here is what NOT to do. It's also worthwhile to take a look around the rest of the site: Cutler Success Stories.
  • Here is a video version of What NOT To Do by Rebecca Rust Lee (who co-wrote the Mercury Detoxification Manual with Andy Cutler).
  • The Mercury Detoxification Manual: A Guide to Mercury Chelation - Simple and easy to read book by Andy Cutler. This is a distillation of 20 years of experience helping people chelate. This is the book that has the Free Thiol list.
  • NEW! Mercury Detoxification Workshop by Rebecca Rust Lee - a series of videos that explain about mercury toxicity, the protocol, etc. Similar to the Mercury Detoxification manual, except in an easy to understand video format to help those who have concentration issues. At this time, the Workshop comes with a $40 coupon for the book, and two month's access to Rebecca's online support group.

Bottom line, your SNPs may suggest this or that based on various interpretations, but you'll still have to go through cautious trial and error to figure out what works best for you. For the B vitamins, there are two rescue supplements you need to have on hand before you start experimenting and you need to start with very low doses and gradually work your way up only if tolerated, or you may be very sorry, like needing a trip to the emergency room sorry. 1000mcg is not a low dose. 1mcg is a low dose.

Caledonia's methylation videos / documents
  1. Methylation Made Easy - if you don't know where to start - start here. Four short videos explain the basics. No background music version
  2. SNPs interpretation Guide - How to interpret your methylation and detox SNPs
  3. Start Low and Go Slow - How To Be Safe On A Methylation Protocol
  4. Roadblocks to Successful Methylation Treatment
Find a Practitioner

Rich Van Konynenburg - Methylation Block/Glutathione Depletion Hypothesis, Simplified Methylation Protocol, HDRI Methylation Panel interpretation

Functional Testing - the NutrEval test
Chris Kresser - General B12 info
Dr. Ben Lynch videos and links
Heartfixer / CBS
Dr. Amy Yasko
  • Guide to Freddd's Protocol - summary by Ahmo
  • My Understanding of Freddd's Protocol - summary by Sheclimber
  • WARNING: Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is one of the optional supplements in Freddd's protocol. According to Andrew Cutler, it's a bad idea to take ALA on a non-frequent dose schedule if you have mercury.

    ALA is a mercury chelator. If you take it at intervals longer that it's half life, it will pull out some mercury, but then it will get redistributed again, causing various symptoms. Once or twice a day is not often enough, and the amount in the typical pill (100mg) is way too much for starting out.

    Basically, if you try this, and you have mercury, you may get worse. I have personal experience with this happening.

    See the link farther down this page for info on Andrew Cutler frequent dose chelation and how to test for mercury.
    NEW! This video also gives a good explanation regarding dosing of ALA:
Genetic Testing and Analysis
  • 23andme
  • Genetic Genie - Automated methylation and detox analysis from 23andme results
  • NEW! Strategene - by Ben Lynch - pathway diagram with your SNPs and epigenetic factors affecting them. Designed as a better way to interpret SNPs than other confusing reports.
Detox SNPs info - Detoxigenomics /

Andrew Cutler Mercury Toxicity and Frequent Dose Chelation
Gut Rebuilding
Mental Illness and Methylation


Thank you so much for your listing of resources. I no longer feel I'm struggling along with menthaloation in a hit and miss way. Love your name!
This is wonderful! I can like feel the endorphins when I see this, thank you so much for among this, its just what I was looking for!
You gave us a highway through the jungle. I'd be very interested in your thoughts about unrealized Vitamin A deficiency. Check out my findings with cites:
thanks a lot, soon I'll print the things related to fredds protocol, instead of reading all those long thread, gift of heaven this is!
This is fantastic. Thanks for doing all this work. This is going to teach me a lot. Kind of you to compile all of this.
Updated 10-16-21 with a video version of What NOT To Do (if you have mercury and are trying to chelate it out).

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