Bit of an update from Katie

Katie! I was wondering where, and how, you were. I'm so happy you had a lovely holiday and a good decision made. Too bad life had to load on the crap to welcome you home afterward. I hope you can recapture some of the Venice glow.


I love this. Especially, the one token to kick someone in the back of the head!! Adrenaline is a wonderful thing. Wish I had some right now. So glad you had fun. I am jealous and would love to go! Thanks for this blog!
Katie! I'm so glad to hear how things are going and completely thrilled that you were able to enjoy Venice!

It's great that you're making plans to go back to uni. Hope Dom gets along well, and so glad to hear that it was not septic arthritis!

You're missed around here. Take good care and report in now and then.

Nice to have you back luv. Talk soon.

All best


PS Venice must be really neat. Am sooo jealous
Good to see you back. Great about your Venice trip. So sorry to hear about Dom's knee.

Love the random comments at the end - made me smile.
:hug: :scared: :mask: :Retro tongue:

There was a narrative in ^ there somewhere... but I originally had 16 images and it said I could only use 4. That's not enough to tell you how much I miss your bubbliness. (picture sad face here)
So good to hear from you Katie!

From a very egotistical point of view I'd say plan B would have to be: Writing a novel to let the rest of the world enjoy your wonderful art of telling stories. I guess there would be quite a few future customers here!

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