Blogging Your Socks Off

Check out the Sock It To ME thread in the project pages. It's a delightful and promising awareness project thought up by one of our own, Talkingfox. Several others have added input and yours is invited, right HERE in our forums
The project isn't ready to be revealed to the general public until we have more pieces in place. We're aiming for a project announcement on ME/CFS Awareness Day, May 12. But before that time we need to make a limited announcement because we need volunteers! I just blogged about it on my blogpost blog:

Please pass the word along to people you know who might be willing to help out. There are opportunities for all kinds of volunteers from knitters and crafters to graphic artists to accountants to people with no particular relevant skill but a will to help.


Oops, I meant my blogspot blog, not blogpost. I don't see an EDIT button so apologies for the error. Spots, posts, tops and pots all seem to run together lately.

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