ain't no party like my mamas tea party

Today, my lovely little daughter and i had a tea party. It was quite magical, as tea parties often are. I really enjoy these moments with her and am so grateful for the things i can do at times like this. She was off getting the unicorn teapot with her special made tea (honey, water and coconut milk for creamer, mm mmm quite yummy! ;) and i laid there listening to the sounds of piano coming from the living room. As my son practiced for his talent show he entered tonight. Although i cannot be there for him, again. I can be HERE for him and although i couldn't be the mom running fun games at my daughters fall party today at school i could be HERE with her. And i smiled. I felt it all. My heart was full. These sounds trailed through the air as our tea party commenced...i used to listen to this song so much when he was a little boy. Now, he plays it so beautifully for others.

And if the snow buries my
My neighborhood
And if my parents are crying
Then I'll dig a tunnel

From my window to yours
Yeah, a tunnel from my window to yours
You climb out of the chimney
And meet me in the middle

The middle of the town
And since there's no one else around
We let our hair grow long and forget all we used to know
Then our skin gets thicker from living out in the snow

You change all the names
Sleeping in my head

As the day grows dim
I hear you sing a golden hymn

Then we tried to name our babies
But we forgot all the names that
The names we used to know
But sometimes we remember our bedrooms

And our parent's bedrooms
And the bedrooms of our friends
Then we think of our parents
Well what ever happened to them

You change all the names
Sleeping in my head to gold as the day grows dim
I hear you sing a golden hymn
The song I've been trying to sing

Purify the colors, purify my mind
Purify the colors, purify my mind
And spread the ashes of the colors
Over this heart of mine

As my blog implies 'Dandelion discotheque', i approach my world so many days through the sound of music. I awaken nearly every morning with song lyrics in my head. Often pertaining to things that are happening to me or around me. In many ways. Its why sometimes i will simply post a song with italicized lyrics. Music speaks to me and through me. Lyrics sometimes release what i am not able to. They share parts of me, i may not feel like sharing in other ways. Sometimes...i wonder if they do for a reader or two, as well. Thanks for listening and being here.

Also, for those wondering, i have hired a homeopath for my daughter as Drs sort through what could possible be occurring in her. If you've ever moved through our medical system, they you know just how this occurring happens and how long it takes. Thus far the GI pediatric Dr is not concerned of her 3 slightly elevated tests although she is repeating one of them and adding a few new tests. My daughter is responding somewhat well to the homeopathy the homeopath put her on while we figure out if this is post COVID or what exactly. I am finding things that lessen it in her...and things that worsen it. Lots of trial and error. Thank you for all of you thoughts and concern and love for her. :heart:


Hi Sunshine....As you can see, I did find and read the blog about that entrancing tea party. She's right up my alley with her coconut milk and honey, although I prefer mine with just milk. I love my tea. Correction: We love our mother was British and Rod is from Bath, so both know our tea. Coffee is our guest drink....although our grandson works part-time at Starbuck's and is so tired of coffee that he drinks Earl Grey....I had a private chuckle about that one. (It's usually reserved for the ladies.) I think he's ready to give that job up and return to being an umpire. He's still in high-school.

And your son plays the piano? Both of our girls played although one totally quit as soon as she graduated, and the other plays when she can. The same boy referenced above plays by it's especially nice when they're all here. Do you play yourself? I do miss it and the odd thing is that I'm the one who started taking lessons, but had to quit when I couldn't hold my arms up to play (one of my other neurological illnesses). So I've always longed for that sound. You'll miss him when he leaves home.

Anyway, you were both spoiled. Possible chamber music to accompany your tea party....and lots and lots of well dressed guests. Enjoy it all, every single minute of it. Yours, Lenora

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