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Thanks for the thought though, oddly enough, any type of anti candida treatment really makes things worse. I used to find benefit from several anti candida therapies, but now it makes things much worse. Also, a diet heavy in meat used to be my strongest refuge.

He actually addresses that in that series of posts he has, i.e. why many of us with ME/CFS get worse on anti-candida treatments. If you have a chance, go back and read all of the installments. Some of what he says almost sounds like it could tie into what Dr Davis and Dr Phair are studying on the metabolic-trap.

I will say, I was discouraged about the thought of reducing meat because that is about 1/3 of my diet as well but I will at some point if I need to.


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a low daily dose (500mg) of creatine monohydrate, taken with food and liquids, to see an effect. I mention creatine because creatine also has the effect of speeding up digestion, which is a nice side-effect. Be sure to take the creatine with a little food and liquids, in order to avoid any increased stomach acid or nausea
First of all, thanks for all your educated posts!! It seems to me that you may have read tons of research. Do you have by any chance research on creatine speeding up digestion? Or, if your source is your own experience, would you tell details about that?

Not that I am in need to speed up my digestion per se, but motility in the small intestine is the best against SIBO. As a paleo enthusiast :), I like Chris Kresser's text, providing research references on the motility-SIBO connection. I do not want to treat my SIBO using antibiotics (for a lifetime??↯↯) but treat the underlying causes, one of which is a diagnosed slow motility in the upper gut.

Or do you know anything that increasing body creatine levels would help SIBO? Whatever keywords I tried on google, it is all messed up with the direct effects of oral creatine, which is of course diarrhea if taken in excess. But increasing body levels of creatine should be beneficial IMO. Google scholar is even more hopeless, everything is messed up with other uses of creatine. Usually I find any research I need fast... here I failed completely.

If anyone interested, I am currently experimenting with transdermal creatine in order to avoid gastro upset. Would be curious to know how much to smear on skin, anyone? I have seen that there are several creatine patches on the market, so it will likely absorb transdermally. So far, I had proven success using: K2, B2, B3 and B5. I measured my levels before and after several times until a deficiency was replenished in me. I simply smear these on skin in huge quantities (for example 50x RDA, increasing very slowly to these levels) and that tiny percentage that absorbs filled up my deficiencies. Choline (smeared first as AGP choline and now as citicoline), B6 and biotin not measured before after but various measurements or experiences that they absorbs too.
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Do you have by any chance research on creatine speeding up digestion? Or, if your source is your own experience, would you tell details about that?

Oral creatine is widely known to speed up digestion, which is why diarrhea is such a common side-effect. I don't know about any formal research into this phenomenon. In my case, low-dose creatine is what finally made my digestion regular after years of slow motility and gastroparesis. Higher doses of creatine caused intolerable intestinal cramping and diarrhea, which indicates that the phenomenon is dose-dependent.

motility in the small intestine is the best against SIBO

I agree. Better to treat the slow motility that causes SIBO, instead of endlessly treating the symptom of SIBO.

Or do you know anything that increasing body creatine levels would help SIBO?

Interesting question: would you still see increased gastrointestinal motility from parenteral (non-oral) creatine? Creatine increases the strength of all muscles, not just the gastrointestinal muscles. But the gastrointestinal muscles may be exposed to higher concentrations of creatine if the creatine is taken orally.

I would guess that you would still see some increased gastrointestinal motility with parenteral (non-oral) creatine, since you can still see increased gastrointestinal motility when you break up oral creatine into small doses taken throughout the day, along with food. When you slow down the absorption of oral creatine by taking small doses with food, the gastrointestinal muscles would be exposed to a much lower initial concentration of creatine, but you still see some increased gastrointestinal motility.