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  1. Jwarrior77

    POLL: Have Antibiotics Helped Your ME/CFS Symptoms?

    Have Antibiotics of any type helped your ME/CFS symptoms? If yes please say what type of antibiotics helped you. I also included an option in which antibiotics helped you, but not solely related to ME/CFS symptoms.
  2. J

    Losing Progress, Looking for Next Step

    I've been dealing with health issues the past 6-7 years and while making some serious headway, I've recently started to backslide and am not quite sure of my next step. I'm starting to feel like I'm entering the final phase of my ability to manage symptoms and looking for a helping hand in...
  3. H

    SIBO, antibiotics, acid drops, and Herxheimer reactions

    Hi, do any of you have any experience with SIBO-related Herxheimer reactions (i.e. "die off" reactions) following antibiotics, specifically Rifaximin and/or Neomycin? I have been struggling with SIBO for some time and have been given a plan of action by my specialist doctor who I like, which...
  4. G

    Buying antibiotics for Lyme online

    I found a thread here that was a few years old on this but thought I would ask for more recent info: I tried posting in the general ME/CFS discussion forum but no response so thought I would try here. Does anyone have positive experiences buying general antibiotics online from international...