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weight loss

  1. Artorias

    Is there a safe exercise-free weight loss diet for people with ME?

    When I first became ill I was around 11.5 stone, but thanks to inactivity my weight has crept up to almost 14 stone over the years (I am a middle aged male of average height). I need to stop gaining weight, and reverse the gains to bring myself back to a healthy weight. However, I am mostly...
  2. J

    Burning GI, Rapid Weight Loss, Usually After B12 Supplementation

    I've got several health issues, but one of the most debilitating is states during which I experience 5/10 GI burning, burning throughout arms, hands, face, etc. and rapidly lose weight. These episodes seem to come up naturally, often after periods of stress or little sleep but are guaranteed...
  3. J

    Losing Progress, Looking for Next Step

    I've been dealing with health issues the past 6-7 years and while making some serious headway, I've recently started to backslide and am not quite sure of my next step. I'm starting to feel like I'm entering the final phase of my ability to manage symptoms and looking for a helping hand in...
  4. SeanQHX1

    Sudden Rapid Weight Loss

    Hi everyone again! Since last October I seem to have started rapidly losing weight (with the exception of my stomach area which is continuing to gain weight for yet unexplained reasons). The rest of my body however is becoming worryingly skinny, to the point my ribs are sticking out my chest and...
  5. Sarah94

    Scared of losing muscle if I diet

    Context: I have severe ME. I am very limited in what I can do physically. I am also overweight, this stems from having been overeating in recent months. I want to lose weight, but I am worried because I have read that when you eat less, your body burns muscle before it burns fat. I cannot...