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  1. T

    Sulfur in Black seed oil?

    Anyone know if there are any sulfur molecules in Black seed oil? Would love to try it. I've gotten contradicting information from different companies. I'm searching for some clarity. Thank you!
  2. T

    Calcium D glucarate for estrogen dominance

    ok so what happens if I take Calcium D glucarate but I am both low in estrogen and progesterone? Have severe estrogen dominance. I have been bleeding nonstop for several months now (six years if we count when this all started) and noticed that my belly swells up and then clots size of my...
  3. T

    Castor Oil safe for H2S SIBO???

    Hi all! I'm treating hydrogen sulfide SIBO after realizing my profuse bleeding was caused by sulfur poisoning back in 2018. Using oregano oil but it's causing constipation. I have used castor oil hexane free as a one time laxative before and it worked wonders. I would never use it more than...
  4. T

    Mastic gum burns!!

    Realizing H.Pylori could have been the reason for most of my symptoms. I thought i’d give mastic gum a trial and started off with innocuous chewing tears. Not even the pills as my SIBO reacts to everything I ingest. Thankfully i went this route. Only problem is, it’s causing my stomach to...
  5. T

    Hydrogen Sulfide strips

    Anyone know if I can use the hydrogen sulfide strips used for water testing to test my urine. I think I read something about sulfite (sulfate?) strips in the past but not sure if this is the same. Thank you!
  6. T

    Thymus extract- Warmer body temp

    Has anyone tried Thymus extract with success. I am in very ill health. I catch everything around me. Cold as ice sometimes and then extremely hot flashy. Cold extremities and can't regulate body temps well. I took 200mg of bovine thymus extract and woke up in my sleep very warm..too warm...
  7. MarkRichardson

    Any opinions on Prucalopride or Fluconazole?

    Has anyone got experience of Prucalopride or Fluconazole? Gastro has prescribed me a week of the antifungal Fluconazole for suspected Candida and a months trial of Prucalopride for poor oesophageal and gut peristalis (contractions that move food along). Apparently Prucalopride can in rare...
  8. Booksellercate

    UK- Functional doctor for SIBO + other gut issues

    Hello, In the last few years I have been diagnosed with: PoTs SIBO Gastritis Leaky gut Giardiosis Dysbiosis My PoTs symptoms have improved a fair bit with a range of supplements, B12 injections, time and improved sleep. However, my stomach issues continue to dominate and reduce my quality of...
  9. X

    Colon issues and Fiber

    After experimenting with various foods and supplements and also a restrictive diet, it seems I have a weak or "inflammed" colon function. I think I got this from my paternal side - my Grandmother passed away at 72 from colon cancer. She was a strict vegetarian. I seem to not do well on anything...
  10. nerd

    Isolation of pancreatic microbiota from cystic precursors of pancreatic cancer with intracellular growth and DNA damaging properties

    Authors: Asif Halimi, Giorgio Gabarrini, Michał Jacek Sobkowiak, Zeeshan Ateeb, Haleh Davanian, Rogier Aäron Gaiser, Urban Arnelo, Roberto Valente, Alicia Y.W. Wong, Carlos Fernández Moro, Marco Del Chiaro, Volkan Özenci & Margaret Sällberg Chen Published online: November 24, 2021 doi...
  11. 2

    Thiamine Deficiencies, SIBO and Polyneuropathy

    Hi everyone. Sorry this is long. I’m hoping someone who’s tried high dose thiamine might chime in. For my backstory, I’m 69 and have been disabled with ME/CFS for 35 years. The first 3 yrs I was bed-bound most of the time and gradually improved to about 70% over the first 10 yrs. But then...
  12. H

    Causes of MCAS?

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone has any info on what are the possible causes of MCAS? And if someone's looking to try to address the root cause of their MCAS what areas should they look into, and in what order of importance? I'm also interested in whether anyone here has managed to figure out...
  13. 2

    Chasing Rainbows: Sleep Apnea, Polyneuropathy, & SIBO

    Sometimes it seems like all I ever do is chase rainbows. With each new diagnosis and corresponding treatment, supplement, diet --fill in the blank, comes a glimmer of hope for significant and lasting improvement. But it always ends up being just another small piece of the puzzle leaving me...
  14. nerd

    Gallbladder (Bile) and SIBO

    I'm currently trying a keto diet and experiencing some gallbladder symptoms and a keto rash. I think I haven't sufficiently supported my stomach acid with Betaine HCL + Pepsin + Gentian Bitters. Instead, I took a supplement with calcium carbonate which reduced stomach acid. In the course of...
  15. Muon

    Poll: Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)

    The question is based on this setup: Solution: Lactulose. Gases: Hydrogen and Methane. If you have only used one of these gases then the first two options still apply. However when using different gases and/or solution(s) then one have to pick the 'elaborate in the comments' option. Positive...
  16. Pyrrhus

    Is SIBO caused by dysautonomic gastrointestinal motility?

    Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) is a common diagnosis these days in ME/CFS patients. The most common reported symptoms are gas, bloating, and constipation, although there may be others. Diagnosis is often based on a breath test such as the lactulose breath test. Some people report...
  17. H

    SIBO, antibiotics, acid drops, and Herxheimer reactions

    Hi, do any of you have any experience with SIBO-related Herxheimer reactions (i.e. "die off" reactions) following antibiotics, specifically Rifaximin and/or Neomycin? I have been struggling with SIBO for some time and have been given a plan of action by my specialist doctor who I like, which...
  18. M

    UK FMT - let's search for the healthiest donors for database project

    Dear All, Anyone in the UK who is interested in FMT, I am considering supporting this site and running some Facebook campaigns to find FMT donors for DIY. https://microbioma.org/en/donate/ I spoke the NA admin, and they have had success in gathering donors. UK they have none so far. They...
  19. D

    My Sulfur Intolerance is managed with Quercetin. Please help me understand why.

    If I eat anything with sulfur in it my finger pip joints swell a little and turn a little red. Chicken effects me the most and eggs come in second. I have no idea why my finger pip joints swell but I believe it may have to do with uric acid or ammonia. Quercetin allows me to eat as much meat...
  20. Sarah94

    PQQ and bacteria

    I am trying PQQ supplements for mitochondrial support. Wikipedia says "PQQ stimulates growth in bacteria". (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyrroloquinoline_quinone) Does this mean that when a person takes PQQ supplements, any bacteria inside them (E.g. Lyme, SIBO) will be encouraged to grow? Or...
  21. BeADocToGoTo1

    Pancreas Damage, Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

    Since there are just a few very old posts linking pancreas issues with chronic fatigue syndrome, I write this in the hope that what I have learnt over the last 4 years might help others with similar life changing issues. It is an avenue worth looking into in your quest to feel better. It helped...