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Realizing H.Pylori could have been the reason for most of my symptoms. I thought i’d give mastic gum a trial and started off with innocuous chewing tears. Not even the pills as my SIBO reacts to everything I ingest. Thankfully i went this route. Only problem is, it’s causing my stomach to burn. I’m experiencing die off in the form of loose stool and my distended gut appears to be flattening a smidge. I suspect this is kicking up some acid. Perhaps killing off H.Pylori and my stomach lining is trying to normalize? Unless this pain means killing off the bacteria releases it’s alkaline/poisonous urea acid, which could potentially cause GERD. Since GERD and acid reflux could be caused by low stomach acid. I’m not sure what to think or what to do. I can’t go any slower than chewing these resin tears. Im basically swallowing saliva with residual resin, and I already can’t tolerate it! My stomach must be wrecked!