Colon issues and Fiber


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After experimenting with various foods and supplements and also a restrictive diet, it seems I have a weak or "inflammed" colon function. I think I got this from my paternal side - my Grandmother passed away at 72 from colon cancer. She was a strict vegetarian. I seem to not do well on anything high Fiber, Dairy and fructose/FOS. All foods that break down into short chain fatty acids also cause a lot of gut discomfort.

Has anyone been able to heal their colon permanently or is it a case where one needs to maintain a strict diet regime for life?


The good news is patients don't die the bad news..
I highly recommend a gastroenterologist, if you have a family history of cancer they may recommend regular scopes or colonoscopies so if cancer develops it can be caught early and treated before it becomes life threatening.

Also that said you may be lactose intolerant, there are two forms of fiber and one or the other or both may be the issue and you might do better on a fiber supplement rather than high vegetables or maybe not. Also you could have IBS which a gastro could diagnose and treat.

Finally sometimes you have to start very slow with the fiber to get used to it, even for people without ME if they take too much fiber after not eating much for years they can have huge issues and are recommended to start very slow when necessary.