orthostatic intolerance

  1. xebex

    Small fibre neuropathy weirdness?

    I haven't been diagnoses with SFN, mainly because i haven't bothered to go to Doc as i have no pain which seems weird. What i do have is numb skin on my ankles so when i shower the sensation of the water on my skin is different to that of the rest of my legs, I also seems to be loosing hair on...
  2. Pyrrhus

    Reductions in Cerebral Blood Flow Can Be Provoked by Sitting in Severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis... (Van Campen et al. 2020)

    A new publication from Van Campen, Rowe, and Visser on the effect of sitting up in severe ME: https://www.mdpi.com/2227-9032/8/4/394 Earlier this year they published a similar study on the effect of tilting the head in severe ME...
  3. Mimicry

    OI and mood fluctuations

    I’ve noticed that my mood drops when I’m upright (sitting, standing, doing chores) long enough. I get irritable, anxious and depressed, but when I lie down my mood gets better quickly. I wonder if it has to do with OI and decreased blood flow to the brain. Do you guys experience this symptom? I...