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OI and mood fluctuations


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I’ve noticed that my mood drops when I’m upright (sitting, standing, doing chores) long enough. I get irritable, anxious and depressed, but when I lie down my mood gets better quickly. I wonder if it has to do with OI and decreased blood flow to the brain. Do you guys experience this symptom? I was diagnosed with depression almost ten years ago but I feel like I’m not depressed anymore, I just get these weird mood fluctuations.


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I definetely observed this too,in the first year of illness when I was stil upright a lot between rests.Now Im completely bedridden so its not so obvious and extreme anymore.

Have you ever done a poor man's tilt test? it could give you a clue..


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I have PoTS along with my ME and I have noticed that my mood significantly drops when in PEM. Often this is precipitated by standing and as you say a lack of blood flow to the brain.

I don’t feel depressed at all just frustrated with my current situation. But I notice my mood definitely drops often early evening but not always. I perk up after rest and food! It’s a definite fluctuation and often when I’m completely exhausted more so than my usual if that makes sense.


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Do you guys experience this symptom?

I get irritable and anxious but not depressed. Before I realized how much OI was influencing my symptoms I used to get quite irritable. Then I felt frustrated because I couldn't identify the cause of the irritability. Usually I'm very calm. My mood and thinking clarity has improved since I've become bedbound for much of the day, and have figured out how long I can be upright before my symptoms start (45 minutes) and how long I need to lie down before I can be upright again (90 minutes).

I also get other symptoms from being upright too long: poor balance and coordination, increased brainfog, and coldness.