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  1. Hip

    NK cell booster Siberian ginseng working well for anxiety and depression. NK cells fight cytomegalovirus — linked to various mental health symptoms

    In an earlier thread, I detailed how reactivated cytomegalovirus has been linked to several mental health symptoms, including anxiety, depression, bipolar and psychosis. That thread also mentions how natural killer (NK) cell functioning is considered important in keeping cytomegalovirus...
  2. Hip

    Cytomegalovirus associated with mental health conditions including anxiety, depression, bipolar and psychosis

    There seem to be several studies (see below) linking cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection with mental health symptoms such as anxiety, depression, bipolar and psychosis. The first study below shows that it is only in cases of high cytomegalovirus antibody titres that anxiety and depression may...
  3. Hip

    COVID can infect dopamine neurons, causing neuron senescence, and potentially brain fog and depression. But 3 drugs can rescue these infected neurons

    A 2024 study found that SARS-CoV-2 is able to infect dopaminergic neurons, triggering an inflammatory and cellular senescence response. Such an infection in the brain's dopamine neurons may potentially explain long COVID symptoms such as brain fog and depression, an article about the study...
  4. Bladean

    Colchicine side effects or herx reaction

    I have mild cfs, for 15 years now. Past lyme, Candida or latent EBV (i have high EBV igg, arround 200), may be the probable causes. I also test positive for genetic test HLA-5. (but I dont have any Beçet symptoms) I just started colchicine 0,5mg daily, I feel less fatigued these days but my...
  5. frozenborderline

    An essay about consumerism and spirituality : Suburban Bardos

    I wrote this before I was really far into me/cfs but it deals with emptiness , issues with faith, and depression that are relevant to many people's lives. I am proud of the writing, and think the photography is excellent... I know I should be humble, but I'm humble when it is accurate, like...
  6. nerd

    A novel peripheral biomarker for depression and antidepressant response

    Authors: Steven D. Targum, Jeffrey Schappi, Athanasia Koutsouris, Runa Bhaumik, Mark H. Rapaport, Natalie Rasgon, Mark M. Rasenick Published on: January 8, 2022 doi: 10.1038/s41380-021-01399-1 Press Release: Researchers identify biomarker for depression, antidepressant response Abstract
  7. nerd

    Improvement Effects of Myelophil on Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in a Reserpine-Induced Mouse Model

    Authors: Ji-Hye Song, Seul-Ki Won, Geun-Hyang Eom, Da-Som Lee, Byung-Jin Park, Jin-Seok Lee, Chang-Gue Son, Ji-Yeun Park Published on: September 22, 2021 pmid: 34638540 doi: 10.3390/ijms221910199 Abstract
  8. B

    Niacin side effect of depression

    Hi all, I have read a few of you have experienced depression whilst using niacin. Online there is no information of this whatsoever. I wanted to hear any encouraging words of advice that may have helped some of you come out of this as I'm really struggling. I'm worried its permanent. Please no...
  9. C

    Does your fatigue level correlate with dry eyes?

    I recently noticed something very interesting. I suffer from dry eye symptoms. I noticed that my dry eye symptoms correlate a lot with my fatigue and low mood. When my fatigue and mood is better my eyes feel better, if my feel dry I often feel tired and my mood is low. I'm not really sure what...
  10. Mimicry

    OI and mood fluctuations

    I’ve noticed that my mood drops when I’m upright (sitting, standing, doing chores) long enough. I get irritable, anxious and depressed, but when I lie down my mood gets better quickly. I wonder if it has to do with OI and decreased blood flow to the brain. Do you guys experience this symptom? I...
  11. Stretched

    Crashes and/or depression?

    Today is a lost day for me due to crashing - one of my worst. I feel so systemically bad and brain fogged, with depression, all so bad that I’d have to have a twin to feel worse! Apparently this is due to a 3 hour, 50 mile driving round trip for a doctor’s appointment, along with about a mile...
  12. Y

    Evening psychological discomfort: only food helps

    I want to discuss with you one strange problem of mine (among other problems). I think many people with CFS or depression have this. Every evening I have to spend time eating several hours, otherwise I don’t find a place for myself, I feel psychological discomfort, I feel bad and I can’t finish...