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  1. Mimicry

    OI and mood fluctuations

    I’ve noticed that my mood drops when I’m upright (sitting, standing, doing chores) long enough. I get irritable, anxious and depressed, but when I lie down my mood gets better quickly. I wonder if it has to do with OI and decreased blood flow to the brain. Do you guys experience this symptom? I...
  2. Stretched

    Crashes and/or depression?

    Today is a lost day for me due to crashing - one of my worst. I feel so systemically bad and brain fogged, with depression, all so bad that I’d have to have a twin to feel worse! Apparently this is due to a 3 hour, 50 mile driving round trip for a doctor’s appointment, along with about a mile...
  3. Y

    Evening psychological discomfort: only food helps

    I want to discuss with you one strange problem of mine (among other problems). I think many people with CFS or depression have this. Every evening I have to spend time eating several hours, otherwise I don’t find a place for myself, I feel psychological discomfort, I feel bad and I can’t finish...