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  1. Abdallah

    L-carnitine great results for fatigue

    hello everyone, i hope you all doing good i read thread here someone said that L-carnitine helped them so i started taking it yesterday, the first day i took 1 pill 500mg, after 30 minutes i felt nice and comfortable feeling inside my body, but i did not felt energy the first day but there was...
  2. Jwarrior77

    Why do some B vitamins make me extremely tired?

    So this is a puzzle that I'm trying to figure out. Before I got sick I could drink 3 energy drinks full of b vitamins and be totally fine. Now I can't take a low dose b complex without either going into a coma or having some bizarre fight or flight reaction. Literally a couple months after...
  3. Regiesh

    Methyl Cobalamin Crash?

    I started taking 1mg of methyl cobalamin recently. It really helps me with energy throughout the day but I always seem to have an extreme somewhere between 5-7pm. Is it safe for me to take a second 1mg methyl cobalamin around 5pm to potentially prevent the crash? Is this common? I'm sensitive to...
  4. G

    Does anyone else experience most of their fatigue in the afternoon?

    My fatigue and brain fog is mostly in the afternoon, it starts around 11:30am and gets better around 5pm. The worst part of the day is 2-5pm for me. I'm wondering if anyone else experiences the same? I searched around on the forum but couldn't find much about people having similar experiences...