1. Waverunner

    Tingling hand and feet; worsening by folic acid and B12 supplements

    Hi all, had some strange issues for several weeks now. I suffer from pretty bad food intolerances that seem to evolve over time. Three to four weeks ago I started to have strong dizziness, tingling hand, and feet, increased fatigue, and nausea. These symptoms last for several days but get...
  2. Iknovate

    Cellular Energy Breakdown

    This was the title on a diagram for a podcast I watched on Wednesday with guest Darren Schmidt (registration required to view https://microbeformulas.com/blogs/live-qa/episode-152). He added (or fine-tuned) all sorts of phrases in my arsenal as I circle the drain to move to another dimension of...
  3. Tella

    Advice needed pls

    Hi I used to be severe and now am moderate. I believe recovery is possible but depends on many factors and it’s complex and wish each of u and myself only more improvement each day. I need advice please. Next week I have a 3 day meeting which I have to attend and I have to speak for half a day...
  4. Iknovate

    Fatigue May Be the Wrong Term

    I've been ruminating a lot lately about the terms we use. I'm not advocating for changing anything, just to invite more thought about it. We all have experienced some of the challenges with using the word fatigue. Everyone is tired and drained, especially parents. It's too easy to consider it...
  5. gbells

    Licorice and energy

    I'm wondering if licorice may be able to partially reduce the viral triggers of some mitochondrial fragmentation. I seem to be noticing increased energy when I dose it around 3/4 cup at 3x/day religiously. If you want to make a week's worth of licorice tea fill a fine meshed tea ball with one...
  6. gbells

    ME Activity Level Poll

    To answer this poll please find the selection that corresponds to how long you have ME and where your current highest sustainable activity level is and select it. Thank you.
  7. C

    Does your fatigue level correlate with dry eyes?

    I recently noticed something very interesting. I suffer from dry eye symptoms. I noticed that my dry eye symptoms correlate a lot with my fatigue and low mood. When my fatigue and mood is better my eyes feel better, if my feel dry I often feel tired and my mood is low. I'm not really sure what...
  8. stefanosstef

    How I solved my neuroinflammation

    I am posting this because I have a strong feeling that it can help many others.For me neuroinflammation was/is the worst symptom. The manifestation is happening in many ways: Heavy feeling on head, similar to the feeling I have when I'm sick (which is very rare for the past years).A little more...
  9. Abdallah

    L-carnitine great results for fatigue

    hello everyone, i hope you all doing good i read thread here someone said that L-carnitine helped them so i started taking it yesterday, the first day i took 1 pill 500mg, after 30 minutes i felt nice and comfortable feeling inside my body, but i did not felt energy the first day but there was...
  10. Jwarrior77

    Why do some B vitamins make me extremely tired?

    So this is a puzzle that I'm trying to figure out. Before I got sick I could drink 3 energy drinks full of b vitamins and be totally fine. Now I can't take a low dose b complex without either going into a coma or having some bizarre fight or flight reaction. Literally a couple months after...
  11. Regiesh

    Methyl Cobalamin Crash?

    I started taking 1mg of methyl cobalamin recently. It really helps me with energy throughout the day but I always seem to have an extreme somewhere between 5-7pm. Is it safe for me to take a second 1mg methyl cobalamin around 5pm to potentially prevent the crash? Is this common? I'm sensitive to...
  12. G

    Does anyone else experience most of their fatigue in the afternoon?

    My fatigue and brain fog is mostly in the afternoon, it starts around 11:30am and gets better around 5pm. The worst part of the day is 2-5pm for me. I'm wondering if anyone else experiences the same? I searched around on the forum but couldn't find much about people having similar experiences...