Does anyone else experience most of their fatigue in the afternoon?

My fatigue and brain fog is mostly in the afternoon, it starts around 11:30am and gets better around 5pm. The worst part of the day is 2-5pm for me.

I'm wondering if anyone else experiences the same? I searched around on the forum but couldn't find much about people having similar experiences of having a consistent tiredness window. Let me know if you have the same!

I'm wondering why I would just be tired for that period of time and feel (mostly) ok in the mornings and night? I wonder what changes in the body at that time. If this is common, has there been any research in this area?

A few things I've already checked
  • I've gotten blood sugar checked, wearing a "patch" to monitor it for 2 weeks, that came back normal.
  • My adrenals are mostly ok, they are slightly off, but not drastically so. I respond really well to an "Adrenal complex" supplement with licorice root, which I take daily. I also do well with electrolyte/sea salt drinks.
  • As far as food, I've tried everything, paleo, keto, elimination, etc... nothing will change my fatigue window. I really don't think my fatigue is diet related, even though that theory is an easy go-to when you are talking about "afternoon fatigue".
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Like you, I usually hit a major wall anywhere from the early to the late afternoon, and have tried to be more alert and do a little lie down just before it gets really bad.

Mornings are generally good unless I'm really sleep-deficient or in a symptom spike.
I'm wondering why I would just be tired for that period of time and feel (mostly) ok in the mornings and night? I wonder what changes in the body at that time.
Cortisol comes to mind.

How's your blood pressure, generally? I ask because licorice is known for raising blood pressure, which for many of us isn't necessarily a bad thing.
Be careful with licorice root. Here's a fairly readable NCBI paper on the dangers, some of which may be somewhat exaggerated to make the author's point, and possibly to get attention.

I know it gets tiresome, it seems like everything from 'harmless' herbs to our bathwater causes potential disastrous problems. Bugger and humbug :meh: :grumpy: :xeyes::xeyes::xeyes:.
If I am not on OI meds and trying to go “al natural” I have to sleep 12pm or I am miserable from 12pm to 2pm or all afternoon. If I take nap no matter how short, I will be ok rest of
Afternoon. That was one of the things that made my doctor think I could ahve MS apparently they get set blocks of time where they also feel worst ( like 2pm or something like that.)


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Yes. Typically, I'll be feeling not too bad, then I abruptly start feeling worse (fatigue, malaise, brainfog). If I check the time, it's around 2:30 PM. It's that consistent. Yes, that worsening fades within a few hours (harder to be precise about gradual fading). Some days the 2:30 effect doesn't show up; never quite sure why.

It's not mealtime related, and doesn't change with season or sleeping pattern. I assume it's tied to the circadian rhythm through one or more hormones. My guess is that it's some number of steps down from a particular hormone level: hormone x changes this, which changes that, which affects something else, and so on, so I don't expect major improvements from supplemental hormones.
My cycle is

1) come to, feel awake. 5 minutes later, zombie coma.

2) after about 1.5 hours- I seem to now wake up

3) what energy exists is available midday, after trying to actually eat

4) all my energy dwindles until the "Yin Deficiency" has now won (thats what we call it here)...and with Yin, now thoroughly depleted, the inflammatory symptoms and pain and Sahara Desert throat...move in.

So that might be a 2 pm on a mediocre day, 5 or 6 on a good day. But never fear, it will appear.

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