1. SWAlexander

    Systemic Vascular Distensibility relates to exercise capacity in connective tissue disease (Singh et al 2021)

    A Similar Kind of Exercise Intolerance is Found in Connective Tissue Diseases, ME/CFS and Long COVID Results The study found that the blood vessels of people with CTD did not dilate as much as the healthy controls. The CTD patients also displayed an “impaired stroke volume increase”. As their...
  2. Pyrrhus

    Vascular Compression: Summary of Discussions

    I thought I'd start a thread to summarize the discussions about vascular compression and the relation to impaired collagen. Here's an interesting comment from another thread:
  3. Hip

    Lactic acid injection fixes prolapsed spinal disc (back pain) by rebuilding collagen: could this help CCI by stimulating collagen in lax ligaments?

    This article details a study at the Stockholm Spine Centre in Sweden involving a single lactic acid injection, which is able to stimulate bulging (prolapsed, herniated) discs in the spine to repair themselves within a few months. The lactic acid (which presumably is injected into the disc...
  4. Joel98

    Indirect ME/CFS improvement possible through more testosterone?

    Hello, I would like to test Clomid / Clomiphene for my low hormone levels. (I have made a detailed post in the hormone thread at the same time) I ask myself the following, in addition to the possible improvement in symptoms due to the hormone deficiency, is it possible that more / a lot of...
  5. Jwarrior77

    Anyone try TRF 150 for collagen and joint support?

    Anyone try this supplement: I found out about it through a doctor. Supposedly it's supposed to help with collagen formation and joint health. Thoughts?
  6. Jwarrior77

    Collagen Peptides Supplements

    Has anyone tried Collagen Peptide supplements for help with their collagen and muscles? This seems like a good product...
  7. Jwarrior77

    Has anyone noticed significant changes in their collagen? ( Vascular, Skin, Joints )

    Ever since getting sick my collagen seemed to change rapidly but most notably my veins. My whole entire life I've considered myself to have healthy, normal veins. However after getting sick my veins changed dramatically. They began showing up way more all over my body. They became much more...
  8. lauluce


    Hi! in two weeks I'm starting an intravenous vitamin C treatment, consisting in four weekly infusions of vit C, each one with 10 grams or more. My blood tests show low vitamin C serum levels, sometimes as low as the minimum possible, 1mg/l, a value that according to my research is found among...