Indirect ME/CFS improvement possible through more testosterone?


I would like to test Clomid / Clomiphene for my low hormone levels.

(I have made a detailed post in the hormone thread at the same time)

I ask myself the following, in addition to the possible improvement in symptoms due to the hormone deficiency, is it possible that more / a lot of testosterone can have a positive influence on ME.

For the following reasons:

- More testosterone improves the transport of oxygen into the cells and thereby improves maybe the weakness, exhaustion and muscles function.

- Testosterone is very important for collagen synthesis, so for the purpose of cervical spine CCI / AAI, TC/OTC etc.

- Testosterone inhibits the immune system and works against autoimmune inflammation. Since the immune system is in many ME cases including my case overactive, it could also be a good thing..

(Apparently testosterone should have many other positive influences on the body systems such as the nervous system/ vegetative nervous system etc., but I have now just listed 3 things that are primarily with Me I think.

-> So now the question of whether someone has ever tested Clomid or testosterone replacement therapy and had the feeling that, in addition to the hormone symptoms, it also has a general positive influence on the ME / immune system symptoms, if it's anyhow possible to differentiate that.

Thanks in advance and for reading!

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The good news is patients don't die the bad news..
I have to take it daily since i have a deficiency, ME is still getting worse :(
It only addresses the symptoms of low testosterone.


The good news is patients don't die the bad news..
Offhand i do not know.
No known reason why the low value unfortunately :(
And never head of Clomid. I was told testosterone gel or injection is the treatment