The Power of Hope

Sometimes I hear people giving up, and very discourage and just plain lost. And it makes me wonder, how, why do I keep going, And I figure out what has kept me going, which brings me up to a scary point.

When I have a plan, I feel in control, I feel there is hope, and that I am moving towards something, So I listed the treatments, that have helped people in order of cost and risk. I had move up the list, and I have found stuff that have had really helped, some not so much.

As I move up the list, i get riskier and I get more daring and also more willing to pay. The problem is I am about a the end of my list and that scares me, because that is what has kept me going.

The peptides shots I am not sure if they are working, because I am overdoing a lot, not choice I am in a situation at work that Is very taxing, but I get a lot of flexibility to work from home so I just have to try and make it this next few months. So not sure if the little crash is due to overdoing, if the shot is doing anything... I think it is, because I do not rely on the OI meds as much as I used to, why I will keep going on it (even if it takes me off a few pills is worth it).
I have my next shot tomorrow (they are $300US a pop) so I really hope this works!


I have OI @Inester7. I have not heard of a peptides shot. Expensive!! Let me know since I agree with you, less meds is good. I hope you can tell how much it helps since the cost is big. Keep us posted. Thanks.

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