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peptide month 10th and Gastritis - Mostly remission?

I had a BRUTAL month, I had to work all hours and even normal people around me were very tired, My shift would start at 6am and I would not go to bed till 11:00 or 11:30 all weekends and all day long, no maps or breaks. Also had to buy food on street. I realized my tummy issue, was a gastritis and had some IBS meds that is doing wonders on my tummy.

I had been off all pills for 3 days since I had my peptide shot and doing great. My mom and hubby will ask and make sure I don't forget, so I guess everybody can agree that it is working. I would never have been able to do this otherwise. The diet has helped I guess, I was not all blown Keto, because I get the keto rash (that is new). so not sure what to do, still avoiding bad carbs and doing an extra effort to eat as healthy as possible.

I have been thinking if I ever got better treatment, and I had great symptoms relief treatment but nothing that has actually getting me forward like this.
1) Sleep meds = Best first idea ever, I grew up on a house where even advil was taboo. So I never did pills but impossible to heal without sleep. LITERALLY, you have to be able to repair to move forward. I took stuff for like 4+y, Now I can sleep again, first thing I noticed on peptides. Even peptides have given me such a hope, I still say my best number one decision was being able to sleep and giving in to trazadone (stage 4 inducer).
2) Peptides - I had tried oral peptides and was amazing for tummy so I knew I reacted well to them, so going on oxford peptides was one of the grates decisions of my live and best treatment (hard to decide between sleep meds and it, but If I kept not sleeping I would of have loose it).
3) OI meds = florinef+midrodine+beta blocker = if I have to have taken best decision ever was OI meds, it gave me the ability to keep a job and maintain somewhat of a live while I found the peptides. So as of symptom relief this takes the cake.


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