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Crashed - Stomach issues

I was late 30 days on my period and a few days before I had a crash, well I have been working non stop weekends, Holliday’s and all I do to rest is sleep.

The plp working with me are pretty tired too. So I guess is very normal for the amount of hours and stress we are under.

My stomach is acting up, even water gave me massive diahrreah. When I eat I feel somebody punched me in tummy. I got a scan which was supposedly ok ( big surprise) but then the Gastro called me they wnat me in. Will see what they say.
I did realize that digestive enzymes help me a lot. So been surviving on those. Looks like us high fat foods the clutrip. But on Keto that is a must, might have to give that one up if I cannot figure out.

Fatigue not so bad ( twice a day) I still can sleep all the way through some days which I feel is a gift. Feeling head a bit imflamed but not other symptoms so bad.
Hopefully I can get my remission back :(


I'm so sorry you are feeling really bad right now...but it will pass.More rest (not just sleep but some "you time") would be great if you can get some It will pass. It has done before and it will again. There is nothing more miserable than having a badly upset tummy. But remissions are possible. It's just so disheartening when we feel -not too bad -then we crash right back again. Reminds me of the frog trying to climb out of the water tank....yay! I'm nearly out of it....ooops.slid back fifteen steps. Try again tomorrow.....yuck

Plus periods don't exactly help anyone! I am so glad to be post-menopausal.
I tried the Keto diet because I’d heard that it was a miraculous cure for just about everything. It seemed counterintuitive to me after being mostly vegetarian for years. I am still recovering from all the serious stomach issues that accompany IBS and take so darn long to get under control. The Keto diet set me back six months. Not to say that it is the wrong diet for you, but it does fall under the category of “fad” diet, even though it could be argued that it has been around for decades. I know I crashed two weeks into Keto and haven’t recovered yet. Wolfcub mentioned the frog in the water tank. That made me recall “The Myth of Sysiphus,” which has to be the definitive story of life with ME/CFIDS. Stay strong and know you are not alone.
I was seriously aided by digestive enzymes too, taking them ended a very severe form of IBS-C for me, well, either enzymes or Betaine HCL, maybe both. I wrote this a while back, it contains info on things that have worked powerfully to fix my gut and details on them and their use: https://forums.phoenixrising.me/index.php?threads/need-a-gut-education.58541/#post-968032
also, I have heard that pain related to eating fat can be related to gallbladder issues, gallstones and all that, keep in mind that I know very little about gallbladder issues though, you'd have to look into it or ask doctors about it

Hope things go your way

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