The Pedometer

I want to make sure I document my observations on the use of pedometer. This is keeping HR mostly under AT (115). I exceed my AT every time I go up the stairs (which I need to do to go to restroom).
So I discover that keeping under my AT does not mean I have unlimited energy either.

I have what I call a slow day. I go to work and do as Little walking as possible (except for the 10min slow walk I do to avoid pain) and a very low key day. That for me is a 3,000 steps day. This account for most of my week days, I can do a little activity in the weekend and low key activity.

I have the Medium day. I go to work and have to move around a lot at work or I have to do dinner or any extra activity during the day (go buy lunch). This is between 4,000 to 5,000 Steps. This I can do about twice in a week but this will set the weekend as rest only.

A high Day is when I go over 5,000 Steps. In my current state that is a Sure Crash. Sometimes I reach this just by having a busy work day or by having an extra activity that I cannot avoid (like my child presentation or activity) I have to do preventive rest IF I KNOW that I will exceed my steps. Sometimes no matter how much we plan, the unpredictable at work throws me off.

It took me about a few months of daily use of pedometer and some crashing on purpose to figure this out. If I add stress or very heavy mental work, I have to stay at the 3,000 steps. No matter how crashed I am, I cannot pull a day with my current responsibilities under 3,000 steps.
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I have read elsewhere (don't recall where) that preventive rest is better than trying to 'make up' missed rest. I think this applies even to healthy people, but is probably a bigger factor for us (like just about everything).
My limit right now is about 2500 steps, more than that and the next day I am worse. My sleep may also be affected. The pedometer is a very useful tool for pacing.

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