tart cherry helps joints

Short and sweet: tart cherry capsules seem to be effective in allowing my tendons to heal. Athough not studied or proclaimed nearly as much as quercetin or luteolin, something in the cherry capsules seems to be a powerful mast cell stabilizer which apparently reduces my chymase. Also are powerfully anti-blushing.

They also help somewhat against insomina. And surprisingly against polyuria... sometimes.

Berries had no such effect, so I'm guessing it's not about the typical anthocyanin content. Maybe it's a cyanidin in them that helps... who knows. There are one of apparently six anthocyanin subsets.

I'm surprised that they work. They are the 1 out of 10-20 supplements that I have to try to get any benefit out of.
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Interesting. I had read that cherries are on the list of foods that need to be organic since they are sprayed heavily with pesticides otherwise. Do you suppose the extract would also need to be organic?

I find plenty of organic tart cherry juice, but I don't want the sugar.

What brand of capsules do you take?
"I think it also has melatonin in it so good to take at night."
I've taken 30mg of melatonin, with zero effect on me. I am amazed when I see people say that 2mg knocks them out. Someone here had posted about taking 100mg, under doctor's advice.
"What brand of capsules do you take?"
It's Swanson HiActives, they had a bogo and luckily I tried it.
"Do you suppose the extract would also need to be organic?"
I get chemical sensitivity only when I'm sick, but not otherwise. When sick, I can smell the chlorine in a glass of water from across the room. I suppose that's from 'leaky lung'. The same for leaky gut, it's intermittent for me.
I take a tiny dose of melatonin. The nights I forget I don't sleep as well. Don't know if it's psychological or not.
The improvement has plateaued. All I can do now is try to avoid re-injury and hope for slow but steady progress. Bad insomnia and problems concentrating now.

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