long bike ride today, like old times

Putting this on here today will make it available to refresh me in the future, maybe even years down the line. Today I went all the way to the small lake, 7.5 miles away but mostly all uphill. That took 65 minutes, breathing hard for most of it - just like old times. But my last time doing that was 5 years ago. There had been 3 hour walks in between, and lots of other stuff, but that's not the same. This is my tradition.

It was hard getting here, but not that hard. 15 miles through those hills is not easy, though the occasional flat sections were a breeze. The way back was mostly downhill & sometimes braking, except for the one steep hill which is 90 seconds or more of thigh burning and lung busting effort. The mailman was watching me as if this was something unusual to see on that hill. Once at the top, I could feel the microtears in my quads; but as I write this 6 hours later, I'm thinking there will be little or no DOMS tomorrow. The after exercise baking soda is something I can't rave enough about. I'll wait until tomorrow to go heavy again on the ginger, so as not to blunt muscle improvement. I only took 2 today.

Funny thing, on the ride polyuria was not evern remotely a possibility - as if my system was retaining water instead of the usual exasperating way of it always running right through me..

After last Wednesday's ride, which was about 3/4 of today's trip, I made the mistake in the following days of using aspirin nightly for my fingers, which now I know is wrong as that promotes leaky gut. Then on Saturday I took a lot of white pepper to promote absorption of quercetin - big mistake which made my stomach feel quite bad almost immediately (unlike red pepper) and that stayed for a long time. The combined piperine and the days of aspirin made me feel sick for all of Sunday and Monday. Lesson learned. We'll see if I escape post-exercise leaky gut this weekend - I know I will.

I'm glad that I went all the way today instead of being cautious and turning back. It was a triumph, privately for me alone.


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