Segment 3

So, to continue my time-line:

after the work (2001) in the trauma unit (I lasted 6 months) I quit and took time off from working. I had money saved. I moved to Providence, RI. (2002) In RI I tried going running, and that is when I had the heavy leg feeling. It was very strange for me. I was confused. Then I started having tachycardia. I couldn't find full time work, it was a hard time for me. I also did power yoga classes there. It was either sciatica or fibro - in any event, I had terrible pain. But, I was still functioning fairly normally. I got cold easily.

I moved back to my hometown. Worked, and was exhausted. This work history is very mixed, so I'll leave it out....too much detail. (2003-2005).

In 2003 I suffered a concussion. I had post-concussive syndrome for about 3 months and pushed myself through it, working, taking the bus, feeling like I was going to fall over...pain all the time. Working 2 part time jobs, then 1 part time job. I was taking Concerta for ADD. Too much activity upon reflection.

This is when the MCS began and fibromyalgia. The EMF sensitivity began about a year later. I was still working a very flexible part time job.

In 2006 I quit my job. I rented a house in a rural community for a while. The EMF was killing me...I was near a train track, and close to a lot of heavy duty electrical fields. I was still walking, and there was a big hill I would hike up and back down. But, then, there was a huge insecticide treatment. I got very sick. To be continued. thanks for reading.


I can see how a combination of things add up... I got MCS after I got an exhaust leak during a long car trip - and continued on. I recovered and then a month later after it got fixed the car had another exhaust leak - and it was all over after that.

And to think you had a concussion as well. Did they do any MRI's?
Dr. Bell suggested that the concussion plus the organophosphate+pyrethroid exposure were the big triggers. I will say, that leading up to the exposures I was really on my way to full CFS. I didn't know, and I heard about it (cfs) only 1x - and of course forgot about it.

(Dr. Bell explained the ATP/Mitochonrdria bit to me, just briefly.)

I began working in the hospital in 1994. There is a chance, of course, that I picked something up. But, I was still springy in my step and v.high energy person. I had a few bouts of tiredness, and getting run down.

Without having genetic x-ray vision, I can only surmise that I had exposures as a hospital worker + chronic stress life + putting high demands on my body/emotions + vaccines + concussion/trauma + insecticide poisoning.

Not sure about the XMRV thing. But, in one place I lived there were mice in the house. When I moved out and vaccumed (2000) I found a decomposing mouse under my bed :( We had mice in the place I lived in 2001. I was the one who set the mouse traps, then cleared them away. I haven't been tested for XMRV.
My room-mates were med students.

There are so many variables. I will say though, that I believe that in my case there may be a socio-emotional connection. I was small as a child, and my sister beat me up a lot. My mother has Asperger's traits (un-diagnosed). There was chronic stress and abuse in the house I grew up in. In adulthood I went with men who were either addicts or abusers or both. This is the chronic stress angle.

Yes, I had an MRI, but a few months after the concussion. Then I had neuropsych testing, and was finally dx'd with ADD.

I had a seperate MRI for Dr. Bell's appt. in 2007. Dr. Bell asked me it I had heard about areas of... I forgot what he called it (hyperintensity?). Shows up as small white spots on MRI. I think he saw some of those. Also, Dr. Bell hinted that ADD may be part of the package deal. He also asked me if I was tired as a child. An example was, at a slumber party, could I stay up with the kids? During my office visist with him I couldn't quite say yes or no. But, perhaps yes.

I think in my case it's a mixed bag of emotional trauma and physical trauma. In the end, the physical traumas hit the ball out of the park.

Thank you for your interest Cort. I'm sorry you had to get sick from the car leak(s).


(I guess this could be "Segment 4")

One assault after another to your poor self. Makes me sad for you. (And sad for Cort, too.)

I don't think it's just a coincidence that your mother had Asperger's (maybe). I think the same about my father.

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